Hyoseung goes in another direction with Find Me

Hyo Seong started her journey as a solo artist two years ago, and it has been something. With her debut Good-Night Kiss, I instantly loved it (and still play it to this day). Her follow up Into You (which took an entire year to happen) was less than welcomed by me. With her latest release she finds herself in the middle of those two.

Find Me has some interesting elements, and when put beside what has been released as of late, feels like something more than it actually is. Musically it is nice enough. The beat is pretty standard to what was pop music in the west at one point in the last few years. It’s dance pop made for the clubs and washing your worries away. It almost reminds me of lighter and less exciting version of Kiesza’s Hideaway. Find Me isn’t a great or outstanding track that has merit just off of a listen. Instead it kind of feels like a quick summary of what has happened before, and lacks any sort of truly special thing about it.

The songs biggest downfall simply lies in the fact that Hyo Seong herself simply did not or cannot accommodate the beat. She lacks the aggressive vocals to play up the mediated excitement of the song. Her harmonies lack excitement and simmer as she coos. She sounds nice, and like on Good-Night Kiss, it works. Here on Find Me, it is hard finding her on the track. Especially a shame since the track is neither exciting or memorable. She is not losing out on a song that has some deep complexities or random elements that feel far too big for her to handle. The song is possible a purchased track from the early years of the 2010’s that found its way into the hands of a Korean pop artist.

Now this doesn’t mean that Find Me is terrible or even bad. It is okay. The song is nice, and a piece of me feels the thump the track wants to bring, and I am not offended by Hyo Seong as a singer. It shapes up to be something I can’t completely dismiss, but it also really doesn’t make a strong argument of why it shouldn’t either.

Maybe in the song’s intended setting (a club, drunk off my ass in deep regrets) would this track feel truly great. But when listening to it in the everyday setting, there isn’t enough to make it worth it.


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