Hyomin’s Sketch improves on what was

I remember the last time I listened to a Hyomin I had nothing but negative stuff to say (her ep was the first album I have ever heard where I actually hated it). Her song Nice Body was an okay affair for the summer. Fun, light with the typical Brave Bros. feel. It didn’t really stick out as anything worth remember as Brave Bros would make more of those songs, and likely with more personality.

With Sketch, Hyomin is giving a little more oomph.

Sketch is a decidedly more R&B affair, which a lot of times in K pop is a symbol of maturity and sexuality. While the song is at the very least a little more modern sounding in some ways, nothing new or creative is done, and leaves Hyomin simmering over a slightly too cavernous beat. There are times when the music tries to add elements, such as the piano in the second verse, or the drop and breakdown right before the bridge. Admittedly none of this takes away from song, but feels pointless in trying to give the song more than it probably needed. One thing I did like were the harmonies. Nothing complex, but added nice cushion. The harmonies seem like the only thing done right and a lot more interesting than the actual music. This would be a song I would actually like to hear the a Capella to (the chorus version is close enough).

Overall Sketch is a nice improvement for Hyomin. While it doesn’t sketch out an identity for the singer, it does move her in a more interesting lane.


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