Got7’s Fly isn’t worth the wait.

After making progress with If You Do and Just Right, Got7 are back to make more music…

*Returns to sender*


The song isn’t…terrible/garbage/a waste of my space. But the thing is…if you gonna do a rap heavy song…please…be good at it. The chorus is literally the only part I actually care about, and that is barely. The rest of it is just…well the song exist.

From the beginning when JB proves he may need to go find himself as a singer, to the drop into a trap beat with very mediocre rapping to the song just simply never picking up at any time. There is nothing interesting about the song at all. It doesn’t have a catchy chorus to rely on, none of the verses are good, the actual song is just MEH.

The music video is something. I think just focusing on them dancing with swooping shots was smart…but that isn’t enough to save it. Nothing happens…which is perfect for this weak ass song.

Well that’s it…Got7 has always kind of been spotty musically for me, but last year was definitely a step in the right direction for them. Sadly this was a misstep.

Their album Departure is out now, go get it if you feeling them as a group!


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