DEAN continues to unimpress me with Bonnie and Clyde

Well I’m back, so let’s get into this.

I have missed so much…and frankly a lot of it has been boring as hell and I refuse to put myself through it. However today I decided to stick my neck out for Dean and see how this goes…and yeah.

Well…y’all like it so that’s what matters I guess. I don’t want to be too negative so let me get into the positive things.

Dean is smart. Musically he is pushing for a much more modernized sound that keeps up with the (soon to fade trend) of R&B meets trap. He is also diving into the under-appreciated but hyped for the wrong people ALTERNATIVE R&B sounds. Basically the sound that he is looking for doesn’t require the usual fare that Korean R&B likes to give. This gives him a great lane to develop. Last year K-Hip Hop discovered trap and have basically stuck their ass on that teet for as long as they could…and still are. Never mind that musically they sound idiotic and corny. The point was that they finally found some sort of diversity. So now not only do we have odes to Love The Way You Lie for every ballad RAP SONG, we also have some Migos and Future knock offs. Hopefully…and I say this with a lot of reservation, this will apply to R&B. Frankly I am tired of these whack jazz fared sounds, or the 2008 sounding R&B songs that don’t even have a tenth of the magic that the songs from those exact periods have. Dean found himself a smart sound

As for the song…I don’t care. I really don’t. I barely tolerate Bryson Tiller in the states…I don’t need a knock off. Anyway this is exist, and while I don’t care, y’all obviously do, so there. Hopefully the sounds will not just stop here and that other so called R&B artist will leave the whack tributes to whatever era that they cannot even begin to bring back alone.


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