Hyoseung goes in another direction with Find Me

Hyo Seong started her journey as a solo artist two years ago, and it has been something. With her debut Good-Night Kiss, I instantly loved it (and still play it to this day). Her follow up Into You (which took an entire year to happen) was less than welcomed by me. With her latest release she finds herself in the middle of those two.

Find Me has some interesting elements, and when put beside what has been released as of late, feels like something more than it actually is. Musically it is nice enough. The beat is pretty standard to what was pop music in the west at one point in the last few years. It’s dance pop made for the clubs and washing your worries away. It almost reminds me of lighter and less exciting version of Kiesza’s Hideaway. Find Me isn’t a great or outstanding track that has merit just off of a listen. Instead it kind of feels like a quick summary of what has happened before, and lacks any sort of truly special thing about it.

The songs biggest downfall simply lies in the fact that Hyo Seong herself simply did not or cannot accommodate the beat. She lacks the aggressive vocals to play up the mediated excitement of the song. Her harmonies lack excitement and simmer as she coos. She sounds nice, and like on Good-Night Kiss, it works. Here on Find Me, it is hard finding her on the track. Especially a shame since the track is neither exciting or memorable. She is not losing out on a song that has some deep complexities or random elements that feel far too big for her to handle. The song is possible a purchased track from the early years of the 2010’s that found its way into the hands of a Korean pop artist.

Now this doesn’t mean that Find Me is terrible or even bad. It is okay. The song is nice, and a piece of me feels the thump the track wants to bring, and I am not offended by Hyo Seong as a singer. It shapes up to be something I can’t completely dismiss, but it also really doesn’t make a strong argument of why it shouldn’t either.

Maybe in the song’s intended setting (a club, drunk off my ass in deep regrets) would this track feel truly great. But when listening to it in the everyday setting, there isn’t enough to make it worth it.


Hyomin’s Sketch improves on what was

I remember the last time I listened to a Hyomin I had nothing but negative stuff to say (her ep was the first album I have ever heard where I actually hated it). Her song Nice Body was an okay affair for the summer. Fun, light with the typical Brave Bros. feel. It didn’t really stick out as anything worth remember as Brave Bros would make more of those songs, and likely with more personality.

With Sketch, Hyomin is giving a little more oomph.

Sketch is a decidedly more R&B affair, which a lot of times in K pop is a symbol of maturity and sexuality. While the song is at the very least a little more modern sounding in some ways, nothing new or creative is done, and leaves Hyomin simmering over a slightly too cavernous beat. There are times when the music tries to add elements, such as the piano in the second verse, or the drop and breakdown right before the bridge. Admittedly none of this takes away from song, but feels pointless in trying to give the song more than it probably needed. One thing I did like were the harmonies. Nothing complex, but added nice cushion. The harmonies seem like the only thing done right and a lot more interesting than the actual music. This would be a song I would actually like to hear the a Capella to (the chorus version is close enough).

Overall Sketch is a nice improvement for Hyomin. While it doesn’t sketch out an identity for the singer, it does move her in a more interesting lane.

Red Velvet’s One Of Those Nights is carves a space in understanding Red Velvet

Red Velvet make a return with a new ep titled The Velvet and single One Of These Nights (7/7). Ultimately the song finds itself dealing with an issue that Red Velvet are finally addressing.


One Of These Nights brings perspective to the concept of Red Velvet. Red Velvet works as group of duality. With the Red having been established as the fun and lively part (not a single ballad or R&B track in the vein of prior releases on the album), so inevitably it would eventually mean they would have to develop Velvet. One Of These Nights is not like past attempts of Velvet. With Be Natural and Automatic, they felt like simple copies to appease a question that was to be held off until later. Those two songs alone simple give us a look at a complete counter to Red, which did not feel like enough. The focus on singles Ice Cream Cake and Dumb Dumb felt like there was need to explain that.

Essentially One Of These Nights finally answers the question what the other side of Red Velvet is. It stands out mostly for one being a ballad blending the current known traits of Velvet and still applying the same quirks that Red Velvet as a whole bring. The song does not match the fiery of Dumb Dumb or the creepiness of ICC, but it does feel more at home with them than with Automatic and Be Natural. The marriage (albeit forced) between the ballad and R&B settings gives it a life that talks to who Red Velvet are. It has the maturity of the Velvet but has that off-ness of not being just one thing with it’s blend of genres. I appreciate that.

With that said, the song doesn’t completely live to great heights immediately. It’s very standard in performance, relying heavily on the group’s leading voices, with rather lovely harmonies from their two weakest (Who do get moments to stand on their own, but this song doesn’t feel meant for them). The song also is sung like a ballad insisting that it is such, instead of playing to the other genres respective rules. This leads to a nice and movable song who relies on any sort of interest coming from the drop and reveal of hidden elements, then just the entire work. The song could have been done as easily as a ballad (And is as one of the three alternative version on the official album release).

The song doesn’t live up to fun and bright quality of it’s other side, but definitely does a good job at finally bringing traction to the other side of the group, especially when compared to past offerings such as Automatic and Be Natural.



Got7’s Fly isn’t worth the wait.

After making progress with If You Do and Just Right, Got7 are back to make more music…

*Returns to sender*


The song isn’t…terrible/garbage/a waste of my space. But the thing is…if you gonna do a rap heavy song…please…be good at it. The chorus is literally the only part I actually care about, and that is barely. The rest of it is just…well the song exist.

From the beginning when JB proves he may need to go find himself as a singer, to the drop into a trap beat with very mediocre rapping to the song just simply never picking up at any time. There is nothing interesting about the song at all. It doesn’t have a catchy chorus to rely on, none of the verses are good, the actual song is just MEH.

The music video is something. I think just focusing on them dancing with swooping shots was smart…but that isn’t enough to save it. Nothing happens…which is perfect for this weak ass song.

Well that’s it…Got7 has always kind of been spotty musically for me, but last year was definitely a step in the right direction for them. Sadly this was a misstep.

Their album Departure is out now, go get it if you feeling them as a group!

DEAN continues to unimpress me with Bonnie and Clyde

Well I’m back, so let’s get into this.

I have missed so much…and frankly a lot of it has been boring as hell and I refuse to put myself through it. However today I decided to stick my neck out for Dean and see how this goes…and yeah.

Well…y’all like it so that’s what matters I guess. I don’t want to be too negative so let me get into the positive things.

Dean is smart. Musically he is pushing for a much more modernized sound that keeps up with the (soon to fade trend) of R&B meets trap. He is also diving into the under-appreciated but hyped for the wrong people ALTERNATIVE R&B sounds. Basically the sound that he is looking for doesn’t require the usual fare that Korean R&B likes to give. This gives him a great lane to develop. Last year K-Hip Hop discovered trap and have basically stuck their ass on that teet for as long as they could…and still are. Never mind that musically they sound idiotic and corny. The point was that they finally found some sort of diversity. So now not only do we have odes to Love The Way You Lie for every ballad RAP SONG, we also have some Migos and Future knock offs. Hopefully…and I say this with a lot of reservation, this will apply to R&B. Frankly I am tired of these whack jazz fared sounds, or the 2008 sounding R&B songs that don’t even have a tenth of the magic that the songs from those exact periods have. Dean found himself a smart sound

As for the song…I don’t care. I really don’t. I barely tolerate Bryson Tiller in the states…I don’t need a knock off. Anyway this is exist, and while I don’t care, y’all obviously do, so there. Hopefully the sounds will not just stop here and that other so called R&B artist will leave the whack tributes to whatever era that they cannot even begin to bring back alone.