CL releases Buzz single Hello Bitches and yet another long post about the US venture

Well, CL is doing things. Musical things…



Your boys won't do shit girl
Your boys won’t do shit girl

As a song, it is okay. Can’t say I hate it. I actually really like the beat. I can dance to it and all that. The end part where she is singing is the best part of the song. Other than that, she is a poor rapper, and that is pretty much that. Lyrically she is still developing and I don’t hold that against her, but I do hope she has assistance on her album. There are some okay lines, but overall nothing memorable. The song overall really isn’t memorable, but I don’t mind it.

The video is the better part of the song, mainly for the choreography. I know a lot of fans want high production value, but sometimes simple shit is better. Plus the video might be expensive but made to look…cheaper. Anyway not much to say.

I can’t really say that I am excited for CL. As a listener she neither has quantity or quality on her side. With only two offerings, and both bad to slightly average, I just don’t see it for her. Her promo has been on point (for the most part), she has gotten to perform alongside Skrillex and Diplo in their environments, which has allowed her to be able to garner possible new fans. She has been given spotlight by several different magazine sites from Complex to even Vogue. The idea that CL could reach multiple markets (at their intersections) is exciting…but the problem is that CL has no content to deliver except for two songs…four if you count her Korean solo songs. More if you include 2ne1. And to be frank her work isn’t…well…it isn’t.

I’m not going to get into the whole racial aspect of her image because I don’t need fans trying to bite off my head.

Either way everything about this is simply tepid. It was a release there is some hype in the process of being developed. But overall this Buzz single is making little buzz in what is supposed to be it’s intended market.

Edit: This was written a few days ago, I have no idea


Raina’s Comeback underwhelms even with a lot going on

Raina is scratching the bottom of the barrel from the outside of it in terms of popularity. Them having any sort of relevancy is…a stretch and it seems their company understands that as well. So in times where you need to go big or go home…Raina chose to go big, but instead delivered like they were at home.
That doesn’t make sense until you actually watch what they released.

Demonstrate isn’t bad, and I don’t even think it is generic. To be fair the first time I heard the song was when they performed it live, which meant I got to see the entirety of the content in package and presentation…and I was not impressed.

The song itself is nice enough. I don’t hate it, nor am I in love with it. Instead I find it something I could listen to without skipping. The beat is pretty standard, but it has a nice bop feel to it. The talent is above standard. I should probably be in love with this song. But i am not. Instead I like it well enough to not dismiss it.

In reality Raina’s company doesn’t so much care about the song as they do possible reception to…certain members.

I’m talking about Alex

While there is a lot of here say around her, Alex is a non-Korean, Non-Asian member…oh and she is BLACK (well biracial, but her features pretty much out her as partially black). Now in a perfect world, this would bring Raina into the spotlight, giving them some notoriety and invitations from various shows just to fill some sort of diversity quota. Granted it has only been not even a week into their comeback, but I can already see this not panning out for the better.



I think Alex was originally just a feature that got turned into something bigger. I don’t see how this could not be beneficial for Alex. Career wise…well she is on a K Pop song. I doubt she is on the same contract as the rest of Raina, which is probably more debilitating than A US Music industry contract (unless you under a 360 deal, which means you looking at the same thing). More than likely she is on a trial basis, and hopefully is getting paid for her services. If not, she is probably going to head back to the US knowing damn well she will never step foot into the Korean Music industry again.

I don’t see this making much for the group (excluding Alex right now). The song is smack in the middle of F(x), Brown Eyed Girls, IU, and Taeyeon is still selling (top that with VIXX making their comeback, and you pretty much got a wasted moment). At most they can hope to extend their promo run until Next January, which can give them some time to make more waves due to having very few big names to push them to the side.

I don’t know where I stand on Alex in the group. She is a last minute addition, and DR did nothing to change that perception. If they are serious, they are going to need Raina to comeback (preferably at the beginning of the year when no one sans maybe four big acts usually are on the scene), and get the girls (including Alex) on shows.

Until then, this is nothing but a PR stunt doing a poor job at making official waves (outside of the international community, but who cares honestly).

Demonstrate is a decent song and the music video is cute. However the big picture is Alex and right now, I can’t see this going well.