f(x)’s first performances of 4 Walls convinced me

If there was any lingering doubt about this song, f(x)’s comeback performances of their latest single surely stomped them out.

Typically the performance of a song is rather meh to me. This is going to sound very odd, but they typically don’t add a lot to me. I watch the performances of my faves and move on, but there are not many performances from idols, especially K Pop related ones that stick…

This is especially true for f(x), who have kind of just been on the weaker side since…NU ABO (which was their most exciting era). Ever since their performance value has been very restrictive. The only thing I can say is their devotion to hand movements over the last three eras. I actually really like the consistency in that. They rely heavily on choreo based around their hands, so a lot of their movements are not as big and showy. Which can be great, as seen with 4 Walls (I’m going to gush about 4 Walls in a second let me get these thoughts out). With songs like RPPP and Red Light, they may not lend themselves to the hand waves that well. RPPP could, but as seen with the end results, the dance was clunky and all over the place. Red Light was far too big of a song for smaller, restrictive, albeit precise looking hand forms. The choreographers really got it right with this one. I love this, just watching them move and slink around, and then the four walls dance (as I’m calling it), just works well with the song and chorus. Everything fits with the songs low-high energy level.

There is also fact we didn’t get to see any of the choreography in the music video, so this being the first time, without the interruptions of random cutaways to them in forest is definitely helping the situation. Overall I can’t say I am upset by this comeback. I have yet to listen to the album, but so far what I am hearing might put a damper on things.

Anyway let’s just enjoy Luna this comeback.

Also here is Diamond (Which knocks)

Sources: MNET (4 Walls), Myles Hoya (Diamond)


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