Xia Junsu’s Yesterday is a sad sad sad ass song-video combination

Junsu is doing his best getting as much done before he will inevitably have to enter the Army. He started the year with a grand comeback in Flower (I still don’t understand the video but that’s just me), and then toured, musicals, and making money off of non music endeavors. With 2015 coming to an end, Junsu has come back one more time with the somber ballad Yesterday.

Normally I have a dislike for Korean ballads because of the heavy piano and string combo that always sounds the same. However, here, despite finding nothing new to work with, I actually don’t mind this at all. Considering we are in the middle of the Autumn season, ballads, and indie pop with a mean drunmkit are innevitable from non idol releases. Yesterday by itself is kind of typical, but still very much listenable. Junsu keeps it cute and does not waver from what he does. It is consistently on this straight and narrow path vocally, which isn’t bad. The music itself does the same thing, nothing big happens, which makes it easy to follow or get any more predictable than it already is.

The video is a lot of sadness. Like this was meant to fuck with your emotions. Seriously there is a father/grandfather holding the toy of his presumably deceased child…thank you. The video gives the song a lot more to work with. While the song is very simple and moves along this straight and narrow line, the video is big and extravagant. We are even in outer space in a portion of it. I think the video is effective, but it does have some issues. Firstly, I think the CGI could have been A LOT better. The whole, it’s the end of the world plot is interesting and gives the entire release a little bit of spice, but the graphics. Another tiny thing that bothered me is the fact that there were only two people alive. This isn’t necessarily a make or break thing, but eh…one random person holding a toy horse? We could have had a couple of more people walking around dazed and confused (and there were probably more that we didn’t see). It could have filled out the scene better: him walking in the direction of his loved one, while others are moving in the other direction trying to get out of the clutter.

Yesterday is a solid release. The song isn’t anything grand or big, especially after his last release, but it is still solid musically. The video, while riddled with cheesy looking graphics, and a slightly too empty setting, still adds a lot that the song cannot give. They come off as an interesting combination meant to fuck with your feelings and make you sad.


Sources: CJESJYJ Youtube


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