Lovelyz attempt for something new, get mixed results

Shooting Star was obviously not for me, so I was kind of thankful that that was only a pre-release (in an attempt to make it known that Jisoo would be joining the group). Lovelyz real effort comes in the form of the more fun…Ah-Choo

After several listens I have come to the conclusion that this could be worse. By worse…I mean their first two songs. Anyway, Ah-Choo feels like an Apink record, especially in the chorus. No I do not mean Mr. Chu. In general this is what I expect from Apink, which outside of Remember, I tend to like their very minimum effort tracks.

Part of me thinks the reason this song sounds so lively is because GFriend’s success. Their first two singles were very light and floaty and boring. Ah-Choo isn’t some pinnacle of amazing or anything, but it does manage to keep me interested much longer, particularly the chorus, which is the bread and butter of K Pop in my opinion. The chorus actually has a pulse, with that ah-choo being perfectly timed. Stupid, but it works.¬†Outside of the chorus, there was one part that stood out. The bridge, which turned a regular sugary coated pop song into a more R&B-trap lite record, took me by surprise, and I almost wanted to hear what could happen if they had done an entire song based around that part of the production. Sadly we will never know.

Other than that, Ah-Choo is pretty meh. The beat is faster than their last singles, but not by much, and lacks a lot of oomph outside of the chorus and bridge. Lovelyz themselves are also pushed into a corner where they don’t sound distinct and sing in a very light uniform way. It’s hard for anything to stick when there is little substance to work with.

The music video is following what is becoming a pattern for them. Instead of trying for a story with a large ass girl group like them…Lovelyz go for a more fun artsy look. There is a lot of isolated imagery that tend to act as symbolism in these videos. With Lovelyz, it tends to make a little more sense because it always follows a more concrete theme. Here they are playing hide and seek from their crush, and their sneeze gives them away (well they are playing with each other). There is a lot of moving around, hiding, looking cute, some slight comedy…eh. It’s become typical of this group. From what we have seen the dance looks like it could be fun. But that’s it.

Overall, Ah-Choo could be seen as a step forward. A little more fun and energetic in terms of production, with a slightly memorable chorus, however lacking a truly cohesive feel to it.


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