Let’s tackle this iKon debut together

YG has been pushing for his new generation lately. Last year Winner rushed the scene with overly mellow tracks that had the masses drooling. They drooled so much that Winner saw a lot of success in just…six months? Well, now YG wants to see if he can replicate that with the remainder of his Survival Show(s), iKon.

So first off iKon has won for their pre-release track that they are not even promoting. Let’s take a look at it.

My Type

My Type is the song you do when you want to give your fans heart palpitations. Most of the video is them goofing around, and looking into the camera as they recite their parts doing the whole cute thing. That works with the song, which is a very light pop track. It’s nice enough. As someone that does not know their names beyond the two rappers (who have the most visibility), I am shocked that this was the first thing they put out, especially considering it is YG. It’s not as complicated as I thought it would be. I would have thought, since they are the younger counterparts to Winner, they would have come out with a rowdier, less refined track. Just to start with.  That is not to say the song is bad, but this is simpler than I would have pegged. Lucky for me…iKon’s actual releases would prove to be different.

Rhythm Ta

This was…well it wasn’t worth it. Firstly the rappers end up being the worst part of this song. The best part of this song was that first sung section…I don’t know who they are, but that section just does right. If anybody heard it, there sounded like there was an accordion going on in the back. It gave the track a nice bounce in some way. Like for that small period of time, the song was a bop. Then we move to the chorus, and it just…eh. Overall that’s how I feel. I like one part of the song, while I prefer not to think about the rest of it. The song reminds me of GD and Taeyangs Good Boy. By that I don’t mean the song is a rip off or blatant copy, but like the song goes nowhere and expects me to follow. The rapping was atrocious, the group feels disconnected, there is very little redeemable about this song in my opinion. They wanted to give you quirky, hood by YG…and it just came off very underdone. I am thankful they didn’t immediately go with overly loud and warehouse like a lot of these Hip Hop based K Pop groups do, but this was just not the tea.


This is very confusing for me. I understand the song perfectly, and I actually think it is probably the better out of the two official releases…but…I don’t know if I can completely rock with this. I think this is a case of them trying to make their rappers work in a situation where it probably would have been okay without them.


So out of the three songs, I think My Type might have been the best, followed by Airplanes, and them Rhythm Ta. My Type feels a lot more balanced, and while bordering generic and safe, feels like it gives room to everyone to do something. It also is easily fan bait. Rhythm Ta tries so hard to be something it obviously can’t be. It feels like it is aiming for A Good Boy, when that song was terrible. Also the best part was done by the singers, who feel like they are on the sidelines of the group. It does keep with YG’s overall perceived image as of late, but doesn’t come off as memorable at all. Airplanes is only slightly better, but suffers just as much. Like Rhythm Ta the vocalist feel pushed away, only this time not getting a part that sticks out. As a trade off though, we get a song more so on the cohesive side. Just off these three songs I think there may need to be some sort of…tweaking (in and out of the group). I think there is far too much emphasis on Bobby and B.I. while trying to squeeze as much as they can from their vocalists in these smaller, slightly more irrelevant spaces.

Overall, as a debut, I can’t say I am thoroughly impressed. All three songs have their positive moments, but not enough for me to want to listen over and over again.


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