Ailee saves a Mind Your Own Business from being bad

I’ve not been a fan of Ailee releases and typically find most of her songs to be bad/forgettable. Her last album I don’t even think I finished. So it’s safe to say that I am not a fan of hers. That being said, Ailee is one of the more talented idols and has rarely disappointed me as a singer (although I do straddle the line of finding her vocally overdone but lacking, and a decent voice being forced into a role). So yeah I come back to hear what she does…


Ailee/YMC/God could have kept this. This was…passable.

What makes the song passable? Ailee. Ailee is dynamic, and bright and can throw down as a vocalist. Ailee is the best thing about this song. Unfortunately, she cannot bare the weight all by herself.

The song sounds like everything else she has done (except Heaven, which is her best song to date). I am tired of horns, and this funk based thing going on. Like yes we get it y’all so desperately want her to be Beyonce, that y’all keep trying to redo a decade old song. Let it go. The song is mediocre, and without Ailee this would have been ripped to shreds.

Ailee just manages to get it up to being a let down, but passable.

And that is it. The video is eh. There was nothing to indicate her boyfriend being terrible, so Ailee losing her mind and trashing shit comes off super forced. It would not have been much to show him mistreating her (And not just on the level of ignoring her text, and showing a lack of interest that one time on a Thursday). The only positive is that Ailee looks good.



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