Lovelyz comeback with Shooting Star along with the debut of Jisoo

Lovelyz make their second comeback this year with Lovelyz8 and the lead single is called Shooting Star…

This is kind of dry. Like the only reason I don’t hate it is because the beat; it’s very lounge and has this R&b vibe to it. I did a little wiggle in my seat listening to it. It’s really nice background music because it isn’t big or loud, which I really like. Other than that, eh…I could skip this song. It probably could have been a cute uptempo song…I don’t know. This is just so…eh. I’m sure someone likes it though. So good for them. The video is just as dry as the song. They took one line from the song and built an entire video around it…I’m both amazed and bored by this.

I think this was all set up just to push Jisoo back into the group. Like yes, go for the sweeter more submissive ballad to play up her regrets of not debuting on time. I really wanted to talk about Jisoo because I think she is such an interesting case. She was found innocent of the allegations (except for one, but I don’t know if that was debunked or not), however netizens are not letting go of this just yet. Taking her out of the group in the beginning was a smart move. The whole innocent until proven guilty doesn’t work when it can fuck with the product in the meantime. Jisoo was toxic to the group when these rumors came out and Woolim was smart to pull her at the time. Now they seem to be in the clear, but I am worried that netizens may not let it go just yet. Here’s to hoping they do though. Like to ruin the career of someone who was innocent is just messy.

Any way, eh…Lovelyz are three for three in their single choices. They have some nice songs on their albums (like I am positive I will like some of their songs off this one), but their singles are so dry. But it’s whatever, the news of Jisoo’s return on top of this being a likable enough group kind of overshadow this song’s…mediocrity.

Here’s hoping to a successful comeback and Jisoo not getting the permanent ax.



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