Unicorn exist and I’m thankful for it

There was so much that went on while I was on my little sabbatical. A lot of bullshit, a lot of comebacks, and a lot of debuts. One of those debuts includes yet another girl group by the name of Unicorn.

Their debut song is titled Huk (which I do not know what that is supposed to mean)

There is a lot going on with this song. First off the song starts off as a very simple pop song, but then slowly and surely develops into this disco pop song. It’s very easy going song which got a couple of shimmies from me. It’s so easy going you kind of miss how the song gets brighter, lighter and picks up the tempo the further the song goes. The harmonies also make this song a lot more fun to listen to. To add to the songs breezy, slightly sensual vibe, harmonies are added that feel like lower layers to the main vocals. It’s kind of euphoric in a way. I liked it.

The songs chorus is sadly a weak point. The repetition just feels so…eh. It doesn’t make me remember the song, especially when their are parts like the What you know about me part  that quickly follow it. Mind you that section is also repetitive, but still manages to have some sort of lasting effect…probably because it is in vein of Lil Mama. I kind of wish that was the chorus, but with a slightly more beautiful feel, with some harmonies. Regardless the chorus just seems to be a little too weak, and that is the part of the song I tend to remember the most.

Other than that, I liked it. I could listen to the song over and over again. It just feels like the right kind of background music. Of course they were probably aiming for stick to your ribs hit, but they got sweet homemade lemonade instead.

The video is pretty standard for K Pop. Those ugly ass blue contact lenses need to go but that’s about it.

Unicorn didn’t really do anything new, but they definitely show promise. Hopefully they can make another comeback (probably around the beginning of next year if they won’t try for October-November).


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