Stephanie’s return to the music scene is a little less than stellar

Stephanie…former SM idol, has made her way back to the music scene after a few years…with Prisoner.

I’m not going to say I had high expectations, or really any at all. But this was just kind of subpar. All the talent that Stephanie has feel so underutilized.

Apparently she is a good dancer with a nice voice…so pray tell…why wasn’t she given a song that utilized her skills efficiently?

The song is just meh from the jump. Like we have heard this sound before so many times, and rarely has it been good. Stephanie just kind of breezes through the song with little to offer on her end.

Then there is the video…which…yeah.

I don’t know the entire thing just feels so uninspired. Like one would think…after a few years off the music scene, she would have tried to come hard. I don’t know who Stephanie was before this song, nor do I care to really go find out. But here…I still don’t have a clue. I know she can sing, and that she was once a part of one of SM’s tragedy’s, yet that is not going to get her much. She needs to define who she is as an act, and right now…nothing.



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