Purlfles A Bad Thing isn’t bad

That’s such a terrible title, I apologize. Anyway, Purfles was one of the groups that came in at the end of the year and are just making their comeback. Determined to not get swept under the rug, they come with a mature track among their fellow new girls.

The song reminds me of a better handled Brave Bros. song. It has that same jazzy stuck in rainy weather sadness feel he has with some of his more mid to slow tempo songs. Here they decide to ax the horn sections, and go with a quiet piano on drums. The song does have this very grim sad vibe to it. It’s not as colorful as most songs would be. The only negative I have is that the song is aiming to go some place, but doesn’t get there. The chorus is in this middle place where it is not quiet at all, but still not big enough for me to really remember.

I will say Purfles sound good though. Whomever is their company needs to be looking at how Mamamoo was handled if they want to make something of them.

The video is nice, I liked the lack of bright colors and how muted it felt. It worked well with the song’s overall lack of color. ¬†Cinematography is nice…they were pretty. I can’t really think much of it.

A Bad Things biggest weakness is that it has no big strength. It’s an otherwise fine song, just without something to really hold onto. Purfles sound nice though and I appreciated the simmering jazz like quality of the song. Hopefully Purfles can return with another single that brings a little more edge.


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