Hyuna’s Roll Deep is a quiet mess

With each and every release Hyuna further proves that she is truly about her image.

I don’t think I expected much musically, and that’s what I got. To be honest I think Hyuna could do a lot more musically. Just because she is not musically skilled, doesn’t mean she should be limited to flightless songs. Red proved that she could be exciting and thrilling musically. She can handle it, but…right now…we got to take what we can get.

And what we get is Roll Deep, a fun but calorie free song. The saving point of this song is a bouncing beat and a likable chorus. Everything else is kind of just there. Also whoever young blood is from BtoB was not worth it, but like…he didn’t take away from the song itself. He and Hyuna’s verses were just there. Nothing to really bring up about them.

As for the video…tkae Spring Breakers and put it on a cheap shiny set and there you go. The video, like the song, is uninspired and plays to the most shallow levels of Hyuna’s sexy thing she has going on. She hot, yes…but what else?

If you can’t answer that question, then you have something incredibly low calorie.

Roll Deep is fine for what it is: it moves along, I wasn’t offended musically, the chorus is kind of fun. It’s just incredibly dull. There’s nothing shocking or worthwhile about it. Even the video which feels super typical and just bland.

What’s worse is that Hyuna’s teaser video was so much better and shocking and memorable. But we get this.


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