April brings nothing to the table with their debut

Sit down and count how many girl groups have debuted since last October…yeah…it’s a lot. Well DSP decided to add to this list of girl groups with their own April.

April are cute, in several senses of the word.

First, they fall into the cute concept trap, which is sadly been done so much this year. Right now GFriend and Lovelyz are leading the pack in that image, and to be frank they are doing a good job with it.For April, they don’t bring anything new with it.

Their song is nice, but I don’t remember it after listening to it.

The video was fun to watch at least, DSP gave them something fun and creative.

Overall, April kind of just get washed into the background. They are doing nothing new, nor are they the best at doing it. That is kind of a fucked up combination. Their song is nice though. Not much to remember, but hopefully DSP can get on a comeback and maybe tinkering with their image.


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