2eyes surprise with PiPi

I couldn’t tell you who 2EYES was if you asked me. Apparently this is their third single album… When I first saw their teasers, I thought we were getting another cute concept with pipi longstockings visuals. Well I was partially right.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this was not a cute concept, and in fact somehow managed to be sexy. 2EYES pulled a gotcha on me.

PiPi is a nice song. It kind of just smolders in the best way. The song starts off like one of those tracks that is cute, but don’t want to be cliche cute, so they try to catch your attention with these “weird” and “funky sounds. Then around the one minute mark the song catches similarities to  Bestie’s should have been a hit, Thank U Very Much. After that the song just kind of takes off on its own.

2EYES falls within the same category as Sistar and Bestie. The sexy idols who instead of going the slow and sensual route, play up to a more fun and positive sound. This allows them to smile widely into the camera, have more energetic dances while wearing booty shorts and and shaking their butts. It also usually makes for fun songs.

PiPi is a bit slower than the other two groups music, but still falls right into place with them. The only thing I can’t really remember is if there was a chorus, but the PiPi part really stands out. Also that short one who was the first to rap has a nice voice.

The video is a little typical. Girls want guys attention. For whatever reason I thought it was to ask for directions. Guy doesn’t notice them because they are not “attractive”, never mind that the only thing holding these girls back is them fucked up hair styles and raggedy ass clothes (Yes I am aware of who PiPi longstockings). Girls find an overly lit room where they are magically transformed to be pretty and they go out and show that guy what for…for absolutely no reason.

Anywway…that’s it. The video isn’t much to think about, but the song is nice, and the dance is decent.


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