G. Soul aims for diversity on the far too soft Crazy For You

If JYP has done one thing completely right, it is allowing G. Soul to flourish in J. Studio.

With his lack of presence in K Pop, each of his releases feel so distant from each other, that one would forget that G. Soul has done two releases prior to his new one. Each of them have taken on a new life musically.

Here is the video until I can fix this.

Crazy For You feels like a track that could be more with a little more assertiveness. The beat is nice and simple really. There isn’t a lot going on but it still has this dance vibe. It isn’t hard to bop to it, or simply just get lost in it. The only part of the song that I didn’t like was the bridge which did a complete musical 180, and went from a bass drop and trap vibe. I like trap, but it feels almost lazy to have added that into the song. It was abrupt and frankly ugly. Still that isn’t Crazy For You’s biggest problem. No the problem comes from G. Soul himself, who tends to sit on the less than aggressive side of singing. He is so passive as a singer that I equate him with singing in his sleep. Muttering bits and pieces of the verses in his sleep, but never truly putting the required effort into the song. His style is so nasally and so light that it lacks impact if he doesn’t try himself. That can work well to his advantage, and he has songs on his last two projects that do work well with his style. But it is not a consistent thing when listening to him. Janet Jackson proved it can work, but she also proved to have a very emotive albeit tiny voice. There was a force in a soft velvety singing. With G. Soul he tends to just teeter around the possibility of giving some effort beyond the minimum. However he doesn’t detract from the song, instead adding really nothing to it. In fact that can be a theme of his musically. A good song where he does nothing but sway in the background vocally.

This song could easily be better if G. Soul put more emphasis in his singing. Add a little flare somehow. The music feels just right for me. Soft and moves fluidly, sans the bridge portion.Instead the song is very light and comes off as the most pleasant dance music that can be described as background.



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