Day6 debut with Congratulations

2015 has been quiet a year for JYPE. With all that has happened in the company one would think they would have little time to debut any new groups. But they have…

Day6 is JYP’s second step out of the normal K Pop boundaries (third if you count Yeeun), being a traditional band (the second one after the Wonder Girls). After a couple of months of them slowly pushing their names out there (by getting them on the festival circuit, which is pretty smart for several reasons), their debut came in September with their first ep The Day, and their first single…Congratulations

Once again, this is different than what JYP is used to releasing. Normally they are R&B and Urban flavored pop tracks focused on the importance of the hook more than anything else. Here they have gone done the pop rock road. It works for the song. Congratulations is the type of song I would see regularly on MTV and VH1. It has a nice appeal, and while it isn’t outstanding or amazing, it still is really good.

The only thing that bothers me is the constant need to push the idea that everyone needs to sing. The only person who didn’t sing on this track was the drummer apparently (who shows up on other songs off their ep), and I am not bothered by that. MOST bands typically don’t have the entire group leading a song, and up until the turn of the century, most pop/vocal groups didn’t either. The constant need to prove everyone’s talents in this industry is kind of redundant for a group where everyone is showing a skill. Plus songs tend to get cluttered with voices that are not all exceptional or sound good.

However that is not to say Day6 isn’t talented, I just lost count/stopped caring about who is singing what past the first chorus. Sometimes it is okay if not everyone in the group gets a part. It doesn’t affect the quality of the song, I promise you.

Other than that, the song is really good. The video is easy to watch and understand. I liked how the story went with the song, and the scenes of them as a bad was kept to like maybe two or three important places. I do wish they would have filled up the train with more people to make it look natural. He is staring right at her, when they are the only three people on the train. Her boyfriend would have noticed that and beat the shit out of him or something. Like it was way too obvious.

Congratulations is a good debut. Musically it stands apart from their contemporaries (it’s not like there are many bands in K Pop mainstream awareness anyway), and it’s just a good song. The video is nice and fits the song’s sarcastic sadness well. The songs had no actual problems that I could hear, and that speaks well to the band. Hopefully the rest of their album is just as good as their debut, because if so, they might just have a fan.


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