Red Velvet gloriously lack a point in the fun Dumb Dumb

Red Velvet’s comeback has been one of my most anticipated things to talk about simply with how they went about informing us about the visuals. From the pippi longstocking ragdoll images, to the short clips from the video.

The first thing that came to my mind when hearing Dumb Dumb, was Bang Bang. The vocal showoff between two disharmonious voices Jessie J and Ariana Grande, with a nice rap section by Nicki Minaj. The beat kind of reminds me of the song a bit, which is fine, because I liked it. However just like Bang Bang, Dumb Dumb somehow manages to do a lot, without getting a lot done.

Instead of getting me a lot of not necessary vocals that Bang Bang did, Dumb Dumb comes off as fun, energetic, but by the time you get to the end, you realize the song kind of didn’t have a climax or something. This can be good or bad. On the positive side, the song manages to maintain a level of energy throughout, even in the sections that would probably lose people (Well I need to speak for myself). On the negative side, the song manages to build to absolutely nothing. At the end of this song, where are we????

Typically in K Pop songs have a point where they reach the climax. This climax is usually introduced by a rap portion, hit with a bridge, and basically shown with a high note. Dumb Dumb gives us several false starts…starting as early as the middle of the song. And this is just me being picky about nothing, but the song kind of starts and ends a few times. Those rap sections feel like the mark of the end of the song. Case in point, nearing the end of the song, right after Seulgi in the yellow background sings…we have…a minute left. A WHOLE ASS MINUTE….of what? They bring nothing. It’s still fun, and energetic and I like it…but there was nothing to talk about. They repeat sections, have Wendy flutter a few vocals over it, and then have Yeri do another spoken word rap, and the dance.

I was like…where are we going?

My answer: No where.

And yet I loved it. The song is probably not going to be for everyone, because it kind of is a mess…but you guys can depend on me liking it.

Whoever did the imagery for the video needs to be hit in the leg. Like the visuals are cute and good isolated, but none of it comes together to make sense. The factory scene, the car scene, the egg with pink yolk…I don’t understand what these all have to do with each other. What’s worse is that they have a story going on, but instead of just focusing on that, we get all this. The scenes on the colored walls were fun, and the dance seems like it’s going to be lit, so I can’t comjplain too much.

Overall Dumb Dumb feels like a slightly improved upon Bang Bang. Less chaos vocally (albeit rap talent is traded off) more fun, but just like Bang Bang, the song truly goes nowhere. This time I was able to completely enjoy the ride though, not minding a single bit of it.


2 thoughts on “Red Velvet gloriously lack a point in the fun Dumb Dumb

  1. KGH_RV January 23, 2016 / 5:18 am

    Actually the song isn’t a mess it was very well made in my opinion it’s very put together and the climax is right after Seulgi and Wendy sing their duo part after the bridge where they break out into the robot dance and I loved that part the most since it was an amazing climax (I have such a dirty mind sorry lol) but how they built it back into the chorus is what made it the climax cuz you can slowly hear the music coming back in behind their vocals and then when they end BOOM back to the chorus part and I loved that last minute Wendy’s high notes were really good and listening to the “dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb” in the background is pretty cool, what makes it better is the dance, also…..if you look up the MV review for this song it’s really interesting! How with the golden cage in the beginning ties in with the birds on their shoulders for the cover of the ICC mini album, and how basically the MV represents the kpop world and how RV themselves are going to change it and bringing some thing “unexpected” (the pink yolk instead of the yellow yolk) and how Yeri was looking at the heel, the lip glosses and something else on the conveyor belt with that straight face it’s the makeup and pretty side of kpop, it’s really interesting tho you should read it hears the link

    • HuzzyPop January 23, 2016 / 6:21 am

      I called the song a mess not because it was made poorly but because it lacked a point. Like I said the song just kind of goes I its way. I personally don’t think them reiterating the same part they had done twice to be an effective climax especially when there were no changes musically. I will say that the way it was structured did give it oomph but that was mostly because the preceding portion had gave a minor build up of sorts.
      That interpretation was a very interesting read and it ultimately does bring up two things that I do agree with: themes and the storyline of the idol industry. I do think that Dumb Dumb’s video did open some discussion about the industry (especially considering how the group were portrayed as dolls). However the issue I have is that they are assuming that the same talent worked on all three of their videos. And I don’t think that was the case (I might be wrong). The birds were not an integral theme in ICC or their entire brand. I think that was simply just a clever way to insert individual colors.
      I’m not going to argue whether they were right or wrong, I just think there was a stretch to make an actually valid point stretch further than it needed to be.
      I do thank you for your comment and that link!

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