Faves doing things: 15&’s Yerin finally does something after a hiatus

*Insert something about JYP not properly managing 15&*

*Insert something about their talent*

*Insert something about how JYPE managed to completely kill the hype that Park Jimin got from K Pop Star*

*Insert tagline, “But I’m not bitter”*

Here is Yerin performing Sia’s Chandelier.

Here is her new version of Chrisette Michele’s Like A Dream

Trying really hard not to air some frustrations. Not even from a fan perspective and admitted bias, but 15& really has potential to do something. I say they still have it because look at Ah Yeon. She got a hit three years into her career, and while JYPE still managed to drop the ball on capitalizing off of that, people at the very least know her name (Even if only for five minutes). Nobody is truly out for the count, and I think 15& could have something if they were invested in for more than five minutes at a time. But…that means actually caring about their careers.

Especially since you went on these damn shows to scout people, and you not even doing anything with them outside of bare minimum…you know what…

Hopefully with JYP’s sub label (Studio J) which is for the artsy kids and less K pop oriented music…Yerin will finally shine and get more jobs.

Or something…




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