First post back, and it’s about Hyorin

So on my time off, I basically just ignored all k pop related stuff. There is a lot to talk about, but I want to to just dedicate my first post back to Hyorin.

There is another post coming about her and more or less a long ass not a rant rant about how hip hop is viewed and depicted so narrowly. But…I decided not to come out negative. Instead here is Hyorin on Unpretty Rapstar performing with Kasper

Now for the life of me I cannot judge Hyorin as a rapper outside of the  most shallow aspects. I think she does well on that level. Hyorin is a very skilled performer. She can sing, dance, she knows how to maintain a level of energy that is interesting and fun. As a rapper (which I think she is her group’s lead rapper as well), she has never done much beyond a verse here or there, and it wasn’t really all that impressive. Yes I am aware of the various videos where she is COVERING someone else’s work, and essentially mimicking their flow and skill. That means absolutely nothing to me. It means nothing. She is just mimicking someone else, that doesn’t prove her ability as a rapper. A rapper is more than their flow (which can vary and be diverse in the first place)

Here is (along with the Unpretty Rapstar stage on SMTM4) give us a bit more of Hyorin as an MC. Once again, cannot judge her because of the massive language barrier. A large portion of rap has to do with wordplay (not tone for the love of God, one’s tone has nothing to do with anything), and the other portion comes down to her flow. You can say some truly vapid shit as long as it comes out cleverly (a lot of recent Wayne verses tend to revolve around this). But the possibility of her having Korean specific idioms and vernacular in her verse makes it hard for a non-Korean speaking fan like me to judge her on that. So all I have is her flow and performance. She did fine. I have to definitely give praise for that little switch up in her flow she did near the end of her verse. That was cute. Kasper looked like she came harder, but ultimately it didn’t feel like she left Hyorin in the dust.

Anyway that is it. I’m back! However because I have a busy schedule to attend to, I am going to have to pace the post for awhile.


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