Ailee saves a Mind Your Own Business from being bad

I’ve not been a fan of Ailee releases and typically find most of her songs to be bad/forgettable. Her last album I don’t even think I finished. So it’s safe to say that I am not a fan of hers. That being said, Ailee is one of the more talented idols and has rarely disappointed me as a singer (although I do straddle the line of finding her vocally overdone but lacking, and a decent voice being forced into a role). So yeah I come back to hear what she does…


Ailee/YMC/God could have kept this. This was…passable.

What makes the song passable? Ailee. Ailee is dynamic, and bright and can throw down as a vocalist. Ailee is the best thing about this song. Unfortunately, she cannot bare the weight all by herself.

The song sounds like everything else she has done (except Heaven, which is her best song to date). I am tired of horns, and this funk based thing going on. Like yes we get it y’all so desperately want her to be Beyonce, that y’all keep trying to redo a decade old song. Let it go. The song is mediocre, and without Ailee this would have been ripped to shreds.

Ailee just manages to get it up to being a let down, but passable.

And that is it. The video is eh. There was nothing to indicate her boyfriend being terrible, so Ailee losing her mind and trashing shit comes off super forced. It would not have been much to show him mistreating her (And not just on the level of ignoring her text, and showing a lack of interest that one time on a Thursday). The only positive is that Ailee looks good.



Got7 returns with the edgier If You Do

Just Right hadn’t even cooled off yet and JYP is already onto their next try with Got7. Here is If You Do

Do y’all really want to read my thoughts on this? No you don’t…

So let me just say this.

This is passable. This is very…generic. I have heard this song before. Not the same song or production, but the entire feel of the song has been done and done and…done. The chorus doesn’t pop for me…It’s not bad though, just not my absolute favorite from them.


Anyway I hope this brings them success.

Lovelyz comeback with Shooting Star along with the debut of Jisoo

Lovelyz make their second comeback this year with Lovelyz8 and the lead single is called Shooting Star…

This is kind of dry. Like the only reason I don’t hate it is because the beat; it’s very lounge and has this R&b vibe to it. I did a little wiggle in my seat listening to it. It’s really nice background music because it isn’t big or loud, which I really like. Other than that, eh…I could skip this song. It probably could have been a cute uptempo song…I don’t know. This is just so…eh. I’m sure someone likes it though. So good for them. The video is just as dry as the song. They took one line from the song and built an entire video around it…I’m both amazed and bored by this.

I think this was all set up just to push Jisoo back into the group. Like yes, go for the sweeter more submissive ballad to play up her regrets of not debuting on time. I really wanted to talk about Jisoo because I think she is such an interesting case. She was found innocent of the allegations (except for one, but I don’t know if that was debunked or not), however netizens are not letting go of this just yet. Taking her out of the group in the beginning was a smart move. The whole innocent until proven guilty doesn’t work when it can fuck with the product in the meantime. Jisoo was toxic to the group when these rumors came out and Woolim was smart to pull her at the time. Now they seem to be in the clear, but I am worried that netizens may not let it go just yet. Here’s to hoping they do though. Like to ruin the career of someone who was innocent is just messy.

Any way, eh…Lovelyz are three for three in their single choices. They have some nice songs on their albums (like I am positive I will like some of their songs off this one), but their singles are so dry. But it’s whatever, the news of Jisoo’s return on top of this being a likable enough group kind of overshadow this song’s…mediocrity.

Here’s hoping to a successful comeback and Jisoo not getting the permanent ax.


2eyes surprise with PiPi

I couldn’t tell you who 2EYES was if you asked me. Apparently this is their third single album… When I first saw their teasers, I thought we were getting another cute concept with pipi longstockings visuals. Well I was partially right.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this was not a cute concept, and in fact somehow managed to be sexy. 2EYES pulled a gotcha on me.

PiPi is a nice song. It kind of just smolders in the best way. The song starts off like one of those tracks that is cute, but don’t want to be cliche cute, so they try to catch your attention with these “weird” and “funky sounds. Then around the one minute mark the song catches similarities to  Bestie’s should have been a hit, Thank U Very Much. After that the song just kind of takes off on its own.

2EYES falls within the same category as Sistar and Bestie. The sexy idols who instead of going the slow and sensual route, play up to a more fun and positive sound. This allows them to smile widely into the camera, have more energetic dances while wearing booty shorts and and shaking their butts. It also usually makes for fun songs.

PiPi is a bit slower than the other two groups music, but still falls right into place with them. The only thing I can’t really remember is if there was a chorus, but the PiPi part really stands out. Also that short one who was the first to rap has a nice voice.

The video is a little typical. Girls want guys attention. For whatever reason I thought it was to ask for directions. Guy doesn’t notice them because they are not “attractive”, never mind that the only thing holding these girls back is them fucked up hair styles and raggedy ass clothes (Yes I am aware of who PiPi longstockings). Girls find an overly lit room where they are magically transformed to be pretty and they go out and show that guy what for…for absolutely no reason.

Anywway…that’s it. The video isn’t much to think about, but the song is nice, and the dance is decent.

Unicorn exist and I’m thankful for it

There was so much that went on while I was on my little sabbatical. A lot of bullshit, a lot of comebacks, and a lot of debuts. One of those debuts includes yet another girl group by the name of Unicorn.

Their debut song is titled Huk (which I do not know what that is supposed to mean)

There is a lot going on with this song. First off the song starts off as a very simple pop song, but then slowly and surely develops into this disco pop song. It’s very easy going song which got a couple of shimmies from me. It’s so easy going you kind of miss how the song gets brighter, lighter and picks up the tempo the further the song goes. The harmonies also make this song a lot more fun to listen to. To add to the songs breezy, slightly sensual vibe, harmonies are added that feel like lower layers to the main vocals. It’s kind of euphoric in a way. I liked it.

The songs chorus is sadly a weak point. The repetition just feels so…eh. It doesn’t make me remember the song, especially when their are parts like the What you know about me part  that quickly follow it. Mind you that section is also repetitive, but still manages to have some sort of lasting effect…probably because it is in vein of Lil Mama. I kind of wish that was the chorus, but with a slightly more beautiful feel, with some harmonies. Regardless the chorus just seems to be a little too weak, and that is the part of the song I tend to remember the most.

Other than that, I liked it. I could listen to the song over and over again. It just feels like the right kind of background music. Of course they were probably aiming for stick to your ribs hit, but they got sweet homemade lemonade instead.

The video is pretty standard for K Pop. Those ugly ass blue contact lenses need to go but that’s about it.

Unicorn didn’t really do anything new, but they definitely show promise. Hopefully they can make another comeback (probably around the beginning of next year if they won’t try for October-November).

Purlfles A Bad Thing isn’t bad

That’s such a terrible title, I apologize. Anyway, Purfles was one of the groups that came in at the end of the year and are just making their comeback. Determined to not get swept under the rug, they come with a mature track among their fellow new girls.

The song reminds me of a better handled Brave Bros. song. It has that same jazzy stuck in rainy weather sadness feel he has with some of his more mid to slow tempo songs. Here they decide to ax the horn sections, and go with a quiet piano on drums. The song does have this very grim sad vibe to it. It’s not as colorful as most songs would be. The only negative I have is that the song is aiming to go some place, but doesn’t get there. The chorus is in this middle place where it is not quiet at all, but still not big enough for me to really remember.

I will say Purfles sound good though. Whomever is their company needs to be looking at how Mamamoo was handled if they want to make something of them.

The video is nice, I liked the lack of bright colors and how muted it felt. It worked well with the song’s overall lack of color.  Cinematography is nice…they were pretty. I can’t really think much of it.

A Bad Things biggest weakness is that it has no big strength. It’s an otherwise fine song, just without something to really hold onto. Purfles sound nice though and I appreciated the simmering jazz like quality of the song. Hopefully Purfles can return with another single that brings a little more edge.

April brings nothing to the table with their debut

Sit down and count how many girl groups have debuted since last October…yeah…it’s a lot. Well DSP decided to add to this list of girl groups with their own April.

April are cute, in several senses of the word.

First, they fall into the cute concept trap, which is sadly been done so much this year. Right now GFriend and Lovelyz are leading the pack in that image, and to be frank they are doing a good job with it.For April, they don’t bring anything new with it.

Their song is nice, but I don’t remember it after listening to it.

The video was fun to watch at least, DSP gave them something fun and creative.

Overall, April kind of just get washed into the background. They are doing nothing new, nor are they the best at doing it. That is kind of a fucked up combination. Their song is nice though. Not much to remember, but hopefully DSP can get on a comeback and maybe tinkering with their image.

Hyuna’s Roll Deep is a quiet mess

With each and every release Hyuna further proves that she is truly about her image.

I don’t think I expected much musically, and that’s what I got. To be honest I think Hyuna could do a lot more musically. Just because she is not musically skilled, doesn’t mean she should be limited to flightless songs. Red proved that she could be exciting and thrilling musically. She can handle it, but…right now…we got to take what we can get.

And what we get is Roll Deep, a fun but calorie free song. The saving point of this song is a bouncing beat and a likable chorus. Everything else is kind of just there. Also whoever young blood is from BtoB was not worth it, but like…he didn’t take away from the song itself. He and Hyuna’s verses were just there. Nothing to really bring up about them.

As for the video…tkae Spring Breakers and put it on a cheap shiny set and there you go. The video, like the song, is uninspired and plays to the most shallow levels of Hyuna’s sexy thing she has going on. She hot, yes…but what else?

If you can’t answer that question, then you have something incredibly low calorie.

Roll Deep is fine for what it is: it moves along, I wasn’t offended musically, the chorus is kind of fun. It’s just incredibly dull. There’s nothing shocking or worthwhile about it. Even the video which feels super typical and just bland.

What’s worse is that Hyuna’s teaser video was so much better and shocking and memorable. But we get this.

Stephanie’s return to the music scene is a little less than stellar

Stephanie…former SM idol, has made her way back to the music scene after a few years…with Prisoner.

I’m not going to say I had high expectations, or really any at all. But this was just kind of subpar. All the talent that Stephanie has feel so underutilized.

Apparently she is a good dancer with a nice voice…so pray tell…why wasn’t she given a song that utilized her skills efficiently?

The song is just meh from the jump. Like we have heard this sound before so many times, and rarely has it been good. Stephanie just kind of breezes through the song with little to offer on her end.

Then there is the video…which…yeah.

I don’t know the entire thing just feels so uninspired. Like one would think…after a few years off the music scene, she would have tried to come hard. I don’t know who Stephanie was before this song, nor do I care to really go find out. But here…I still don’t have a clue. I know she can sing, and that she was once a part of one of SM’s tragedy’s, yet that is not going to get her much. She needs to define who she is as an act, and right now…nothing.


G. Soul aims for diversity on the far too soft Crazy For You

If JYP has done one thing completely right, it is allowing G. Soul to flourish in J. Studio.

With his lack of presence in K Pop, each of his releases feel so distant from each other, that one would forget that G. Soul has done two releases prior to his new one. Each of them have taken on a new life musically.

Here is the video until I can fix this.

Crazy For You feels like a track that could be more with a little more assertiveness. The beat is nice and simple really. There isn’t a lot going on but it still has this dance vibe. It isn’t hard to bop to it, or simply just get lost in it. The only part of the song that I didn’t like was the bridge which did a complete musical 180, and went from a bass drop and trap vibe. I like trap, but it feels almost lazy to have added that into the song. It was abrupt and frankly ugly. Still that isn’t Crazy For You’s biggest problem. No the problem comes from G. Soul himself, who tends to sit on the less than aggressive side of singing. He is so passive as a singer that I equate him with singing in his sleep. Muttering bits and pieces of the verses in his sleep, but never truly putting the required effort into the song. His style is so nasally and so light that it lacks impact if he doesn’t try himself. That can work well to his advantage, and he has songs on his last two projects that do work well with his style. But it is not a consistent thing when listening to him. Janet Jackson proved it can work, but she also proved to have a very emotive albeit tiny voice. There was a force in a soft velvety singing. With G. Soul he tends to just teeter around the possibility of giving some effort beyond the minimum. However he doesn’t detract from the song, instead adding really nothing to it. In fact that can be a theme of his musically. A good song where he does nothing but sway in the background vocally.

This song could easily be better if G. Soul put more emphasis in his singing. Add a little flare somehow. The music feels just right for me. Soft and moves fluidly, sans the bridge portion.Instead the song is very light and comes off as the most pleasant dance music that can be described as background.