JYP won’t do anything with 15&, so Jimin decided to make a group of her own

In the midst of everything that is happening in JYP, you would almost forget that they have a couple of acts that are not exclusively K Pop. Baek Ah Yeon’s success was strictly her own, so yeah…good for her. Everyone else who doesn’t do intricate dances and are labeled idols tend to have a harder time getting that same love (2PM excluded because yeah).

So in the middle of her busy week of…After School Club…she decided she was going to carry the weight of doing a music related project. Oh my god the stress right now.

The group is called M.O.L.A

Make Our Life Awesome…cute  name

Anyway the group consist of Park Jimin (of 15&) Luizy (Seungyeun of UNIQ) and Nathan (a rapper and friend of Jimin). This already sounds like too much work for her so thankfully she has other people there to help her out.

They released a song titled My Way yesterday. Here it is.

You can hear the strain in her voice from how overworked she is. Oh my god JYP why are you doing this to her? Let her rest.

Sarcasm aside, this song is actually cute. M.O.L.A. probably won’t pop off like that, but I do hope they don’t stop. Obviously My Way is just following the trends, but it feels like something that can be appreciated. Nothing grand or amazing, but I could ride along with this and not get bored by it. I think the biggest thing I like is that the talent is used well enough. Jimin was just regulated to the chorus. She was given an entire section to herself where she sung. The two rappes, who I cannot distinguish, did well enough and got me hyped a little. The song did it’s job and I am satisfied with the results.

The unfortunate thing is that because this is not a company related project, the matter of consistency is an issue. I want more from them, to see how they could grow as a musical entity, but we probably won’t see that happen for various reasons. Shit I’m still waiting on Yerin to update her soundcloud.

Anyway Jimin is tackling far too many projects with her MC’ing and…this. A noble effort though. Have to applaud her on that.



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