250th post and small update!

Hi! These last few days have been a lot for me. I have been getting back into the swing of things at school (Senior status in college…going to be a super senior). So I am just really trying to get my life together and stunt on this year. That means I need to dedicate more time to me and outside activities. Now why am I telling the five people who actively read this blog this?

Well because blogging about K pop does take time. That time I don’t always have. That is the main reason album reviews are so scarce right now (Even though I have several started). It is a lot of work sometimes and I cannot always articulate my thoughts without taking weeks to get that point across. Like Wonder Girls new album was a great album that fit together perfectly and was a step forward in them honing in on who they are as an act as well as a new beginning. But I cannot write a full post saying just that, with small opinions about the songs for some reason.

So this weekend I am going to try and get a couple of big post out of the way. But come the next week, I am taking a small hiatus. I mean I take them all the time, but like now it will be on purpose and for a good reason.

Anyway thanks for riding with me for over 250 post if you ride like that!



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