UnPretty Rap Star coming back with a season 2, contestants being revealed

After the success of the first season, of course a second season of the all female emcee competition show would happen. After how much press and coverage Jimin had brought to the show (be it good or bad for her), of course there would be more idols appearing.

However MNET and the people who are behind the decisions decided to take it a step further. This season we are not only getting more idols, but…we got a vocalist!

News had broken out about certain people showing up for the show…and the reactions were not completely satisfied. Now…we have some names to our contestants

Wonder Girl’s Yubin, Sistar’s Hyorin, Fiestar’s Yezi, KittiB, Kasper, Gilme, Ahn Soo Min have been confirmed so far. There are four spots left, so I am guessing another idol and the rest underground.

San E. is coming back as the MC/Host.

Let’s just get some complaints and thoughts out of the way.

More Idols!

I think that was obviously going to happen. AoA’s Jimin brought in a lot of attention (because of her legitimacy as a rapper, her being an idol, etc.), whether good or bad, people wanted to see what she was going to do.

Those views matter to MNET no matter how they were gotten. To me, it makes sense that they added more idols because then that means more people. Especially when you have to high profile acts such as Hyorin and Yubin. Also another thing to take into consideration is that we don’t give female idols the same…respect…as we do male idols.

Maybe it is just me, but I somewhat sense the fact that people will not question the legitimacy of certain male rappers immediately. Like would we talk shit about Rapmon or Zico (as rappers)? However we do have female rappers who do take their craft seriously and have just as much prior experience as the boys. But once again…I feel like we would question them no matter what. This is also a problem of the industry not utilizing their female idols in the same way as they do their male counterparts.

But that’s mostly speculation that I can’t confirm one way or the other.

Idols on this show isn’t that big of a problem. If this show cared about the integrity of rap they would have altered the way the show worked, hired female judges and producers and discussed the actual sexism and misogyny rap music…but no. That’s not what this show is about.

I saw it coming after Jimin. They were going to look for more idol rappers and focus on this whole legitimate stance (in the most shallow context possible).

But that’s just my onion.

Hyorin the rapper

Hyorin is the best definition of a performance idol. She can sing, dance, has presence on stage, is rarely off her mark…and…she isn’t a terrible rapper. In all honesty, she does better than quite a few designated rappers in k pop.


Hyorin is not a rapper. She is not even an idol rapper.

Hyorin seems like what Jimin was the last season. She is the obvious shit stirrer of controversy. Her very presence makes you question the legitimacy of the show. With Jimin, she was an idol rapper who had to prove she was just as good as the other women of the show. Hyorin takes this a step further where she is going to have to prove that she can indeed hang period.

I personally see her being on the show as just for controversy.  I don’t think she is bad, and is better than a lot of designated rappers (the ones who couldn’t cut it as a singer, so were just thrown in that role). However I don’t think she is here because they take her seriously. I love her but she has maybe rapped all of three/four times in Sistar’s music, and has done a few fly bye covers of other people’s verses.

Whatever it may be, I don’t really care. At first I was like no…simply because Hyorin really didn’t need this show. To be honest I want more of her singing, and her next album please. This show just seemed like a waste of time for someone who wasn’t a serious rapper (idol standards or no). However I’ve gotten over it, and well…as much as she is my true fave, I don’t particularly care. If her ass flop, her ass flop. If she does well, than great. But that’s truly on her. She is going to have to prove herself now because this show will put a label on her.


Unpretty Rap Star is sadly just going to be like every other competition show, and we are going to enjoy it because it is such. We will have our faves, there will be moments where we are in awe, and other times when we cringe in disgust/embarrassment. That’s what this show is for in that sense. However I do hope that the ladies who come on this show can at least profit off of this and build their careers (or redefine it in some cases). There is absolutely nothing wrong with that in my opinion.



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