SNSD look for balance in their new comebacks

I am currently in the process of getting my life together (second day of my senior year of college), so a lot of what has been happening in K Pop has just been irrelevant to me. But trust…we getting post (be prepared for a long ass post about the M.A.D.E. series). However SNSD’s second comeback of the year has sparked my interest enough that I have to just say something.

First up: Lion Heart

Lion Heart went about as well as I expected it to. It’s definitely not bad, and I don’t think there is anything that could have made the song any better. It’s safe predictable, and I am sure this was the song SM was banking on being the success. It’s so…casually unspectacular, that it fits what a lot of us seem to think is passable for a hit in K pop. I think if I were to listen to this on the album, I would appreciate it just as much.

The video is cute, humorful fun. It actually helps the song a little bit. I was fascinated with the idea that they were cool with bestiality. That on top of them shifting through several decades (the 30’s-50’s) made this already pleasantly boring song a lot more workable.

You Think

I remember saying I thought this was going to be meh. SNSD and “Fierce” don’t mesh well, especially when it is someone else’s fierce (The demo version of this song is floating around somewhere). I am happy to say that I am eating my words. I think I ended up projecting this idea on SNSD, because I have always wanted them to grow up. And they have. The issue with me is that somehow it never completely comes together. Here, everything fits a bit better than most of their other attempts. The only issue I can see is that we should have just done a straight dance version. The extra shots of them in that pink room only gave the gifmakers something to do. However I think this video could have just been strong on the dance alone. Sooyoung and Hyoyeon as rappers aren’t terrible so yeah.

Video wise, SM should have just done this shit in a parking lot. The sets look bad, and honestly kind of take away from the severity. Also I would have been just fine with a straight dance version (hoping we get that at the very least).

I think SNSD did well enough with these songs. I think they lack the edge that I have come to like from their last works (the electronic pop was a good fit for them), but here they work best with minimal musical flaws. Lion Heart isn’t much to flock over, being safe yet still likable in its own way. You Think is the stand out, that I thought wouldn’t be a stand out. Maybe a little more depth or something overly dramatic could have happened, but it’s better than I anticipated so…yeah.

SNSD’s Lion Heart album is out now, the second half will be out soon.



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