Someone made Doctor Pepper worse with a video + more ranting about CL’s US thing

For some reason…someone…anyone thought that Doctor Pepper needed a video. As if that was going to save this monstrosity of a song.

This is bad. Like the song was bad on its own, and this is bad because it is a poor visual with poor graphics. Intentionally poor graphics to look like some sort of tumblr aesthetic blog. There is nothing about this that is worth getting into. This isn’t even trendy Trap music, this is a poor man’s attempt at that.

There is no way that anyone could actually justify this to me.

Now I have to rant about CL’s American stuff because…like…where is it?

Say what you want about the Wonder Girls, but at least JYP had the intelligence to actually get the girls into the public eye. Same thing happened with SNSD, and the five minutes they were in the states. Both of them were on shows that people watched. SNSD GOT ON ONE OF THE BIGGEST LATE NIGHT TALK SHOWS????

CL has access to an actual insider into the industry with Scooter Braun…has no responsibilities in Korea to hold her back…YET…here we are…months later after this so called move has even been announced and she ain’t doing shit. Like you can not sit there and tell me that it takes this long for actual planning. It cannot take this long.

Outside of K Pop, CL does not truly exist and that is the problem. She doesn’t necessarily need a hit. She just needs to make a name for herself and seven months later…nothing.

Of course this all takes time, but to actually take time in getting some where…you have to go. CL is stuck in some weird pre-development stage (if she is even meant to get out of this) and Doctor Pepper just feels like some way to bide time. This of course makes Doct0r Pepper an even bigger waste of resources; not only are we given trash content, but said trash content is possibly just a place holder and false start.

CL (and the people in charge of her career right now) need to start making moves somewhere. She is doing things (she has been at some performances, which helps put her name out there), but overall nothing feels like it is going in any direction. It just seems like we are still waiting for her to do something, when she has been here for what feels like six or seven months.


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