B1A4 hit a sweet groove with Sweet Girl

I can tell you right now that this group will probably never be on my radar of fucks to give about. Still they are back in the fun month of August so why not.

B1A4’s contribution to this month’s slew of comebacks will probably go down as the least intense one yet. The entire song seems built around the idea of how long can I listen to this song and not zone out. The song is really good because it lacks any sort of big or high maintanence parts. Everything seems to work together in making the song a meandering experience. The vocals are soft and lack any sort of intensity, even the high notes at the end just hit you like a soft down pillow. On top of that the beat is like a light funky R&B that is meant to make one feel good. The only intense part of the song is that guitar near the end. It kind of kills my vibe a bit, but nothing that really does all that much harm. Also shout out to Baro for not rapping like he got beef with the world. Thank you Baro…with your cute self.

The video reflects the fun and laidback nature of the video. The group wows a girl in different fantasy like areas. I really didn’t care for the video much, but it didn’t take away from the song so…

Sweet Girl is the type of song I would play at any given moment just to relax. There is something so chill about the song that lets you get lost in it without it losing appeal. And that’s just nice.


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