Hyuna contirbuting to the August comeback extravaganza

I had predicted earlier in the year that not only would we get a Wonder Girls, comeback, but former member and now Cube artist Hyuna would be making one herself. Who would have thought this would have been in the same month…

While I am currently mulling over my love for the senior group’s album, Hyuna decides to release a trailer for her new album.

I’m surprised we got this as early as we did because she just put pictures up of this not too long ago (in fact it was just last week). I thought it was for a music video…instead it was for a teaser. Anyway I love the party and trashy glamour vibe of all this. Hyuna looks amazing, and I can’t expect much else from her. But this is just a trailer basically saying she is coming back…not the actual comeback itself. If she actually keeps the video like this, I think I will love it. Mostly because the reactions from everyone else will be a load of bullshit and hypocrisies…but I don’t think we should get into that.

I am thoroughly convinced that July was cluttered with meh so we didn’t die from the hype that would be August. A lot is happening right now, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Hyuna never really dissapoints musically, so I don’t have reservations about this.


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