T-Ara’s So Crazy is uninspired and simply sweet

This summer has been…eh. It’s been eh. Musically we have very few stand outs, and most of it has been uninspired and lost. Simply put, I am ready for the summer to end. But we have a few weeks before I am willing to call the summer off, so that means a few more releases to add to the list. This includes none other than everyone favorite bully group, T-Ara.

T-Ara is a group where musically they excel. While I have yet to really listen to everything they done, single wise I have yet to be really disappointed. So Crazy isn’t an exception. Their new song isn’t exactly the redefining hit of the summer, nor is it up to par with some of their past work, but…the song is still a pleasant listen.

The first thing that stood out to me is the music itself. This is a Brave Bros. track. It sounds nothing like his usual work. I don’t know if working with T-Ara meant he suddenly gave an iota of a fuck, but compare this to what he has done this year (AoA’s Heart Attack), and you can hear a difference. It reminds me of maybe the sixties of seventies sound wise. It also has this very nice bop to it. To be honest the music is very simple and casual. Like I just chilled while listening to it. The group do nothing worth commenting about. T-Ara deliver a decent performance.

There isn’t much to talk about in terms of the song. Everything comes together nicely for what is a rather likable summer track. It is generic to the point where you can pick it apart and pin point the cliches that make it, but also has enough personality where it doesn’t sound bad or unwanted. I don’t see this taking over the charts (I haven’t heard anything about them to be honest), but this is a solid track from a solid group.

The video is eh. The only reason I don’t like it because it reminds me exactly why I can never get into T-Ara all the way. They are a terrible performance group. This was definitely better than their last attempts (possibly due to the fact that the song has a brighter vibe), but I ran out of patience immediately having tried to watch it. In fact it took my third try to fully finish the song.

Anyway, So Crazy is nothing special for the group, or in the grand scheme of things. But…it’s still a solid release that has a different spin to a Brave Bros. sound.


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