SHINee show no signs of weakness on Married To The Music

Yesterday I pretty much put life on hold for The Wonder Girls, and I don’t regret that decision. However other acts did comeback that same day, so I should probably give them a chance.

First up…SHINEE

SHINee wins. There is nothing I don’t like about this. Musically it is fun and festive and you can dance to it. It also was what I was wanting off their album, ODD. There is something overly dramatic about the song (I mean who out here singing about being married to the music????). I love the theatrics and how lively it sounds…it’s very reminiscent to their 2013 work.

The video makes the experience even better to be honest. It’s like Rocky Horror Picture Show in how comical it is, while also trying to be scary. There is a squick factor (loss of limbs, Minho being torched, the final image of them stitched together) but overall nothing about it is really scary? Just funny. Still the video is incredibly entertaining, and gives the already great song a boost in appeal.

2015 has been extremely kind to SHINee musically. Married To The Music may not have View’s edgy new wave appeal, and it really fits in with 2013!SHINee, but it is still a great effort, and in some ways brings things to the table that View couldn’t.


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