Cheetah waste potential on My Number

Unpretty Rapstar’s winner Cheetah has finally released her first single post show (not including singles connected to that show). The title…My Number…


It’s really hard to not like Cheetah. She comes off as someone who does what she does well. Her image is sickening, with her short her and preference for bolder make up choices. Her skills are undeniable, she proved to be a very talented rapper and even at her worst, she knows what the fuck she is doing. Plus…she isn’t a bad performer.

Yet…with all of this…My Number happened…

The best thing about this song is sadly the music itself. It’s very chill and funky as the same time. The horns are blazing right, and there is this mix of funk, R&B and rap that I just die for. Like I can’t really hate this. Even the lead up to the chorus feels good. I love this beat. It’s Cheetah who doesn’t live up to what she can do. She is talented as hell, but on this song, she was just off.

The first verse felt clumsy, and by the time she started trying to get into it, we hit the chorus where there is absolutely nothing going on on her part. The second verse is much better and has better trajectory, but then she seems to be lacking any sort of oomph to make this worth it. The third verse sadly is underwhelming and I just…I can’t get into the song.

Lastly that chorus. If she had been fire on the verses, this no-chorus thing would have been perfect. Hit me with fire, and let me take a moment to recollect myself. However, Cheetah was not on point, and then left us with a lot of dead space. Got tired of it quickly.

My Number isn’t worth it musically, however the video more than makes up for what the song lacks.

I love the colors, I love the settings, I love the dancers. The dancers were well highlighted and I love that she did three different troupes to reflect their environments. The first one was obviously on a street corner, and lowkey had a great LGBTQ vibe going on. The second location was in a bar and we had a group of men krumping in the year of 2015. Lastly in what looks like your standard nu-wave post-apocalyptic scenario, Cheetah is the queen and has a line a female dancers with her looking punk and trash and glam.

The video sells what the song can sadly not deliver.

Now one last thing. Cheetah is a rapper in the Korean music industry. Because of Unpretty Rapstar, she has a name that has escalated her into the pop zone. Cheetah has access to the mainstream industry, which gives her a much bigger opportunity to display her talent. While I do not particularly care for the song, I like that Cheetah is acting differently from the usual rapper model over there. I love the funky fun sound, and the bright and sexual colors. From what I have seen the Korean Hip Hop scene is kind of limited in images and concepts. There is a lot of tradiontal rappers in image and style. Then you have your more poetic rappers who dress up and have more R&B based sounds and influences. Like literally those are the two types of rappers I see that are dominant in that mainstream setting. MFBTY (Tiger JK, Tasha/Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy) are the only rappers that I have seen so far that revel in being different in their musical sound and overall image. They do different.

My Number gave Cheetah the chance to not really fit in musically. Of course it is really obvious to sit here and think she is just trying to pander to the mainstream. But I think it would do her some good to try and create a lane for herself so she doesn’t get washed up in the masses. Of course your talent should speak for itself, and different doesn’t mean good. But…it wouldn’t hurt for her to separate herself from the masses.

Cheetah is a talent, and the visual is rather solid. But the song is boring, and that is really on the rapper herself. Hopefully her next big release will prove me wrong about her, and she continues being “different”.



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