B.A.P returns to TS. Entertainment

B.A.P. have been in what was almost a year long legal battle with their management company TS Entertainment to get them out of their contracts.

Well that has come to an end with B.A.P. to returning to TS…

Official Statement from TS Entertainment:

Hello, this is TS Entertainment.

Firstly, we would like to apologize again for causing concern to everyone due to the unexpected occurrences within the past few months.

Since the problem occurred on November 11th 2014, we have prioritized solving the issue and made our best effort to recover the trust with B.A.P. Through our series of numerous communication trials and heartfelt efforts, we finally recovered the trust of each other and B.A.P returned to TS Entertainment on August 1st 2015.

No matter what the reason is, we fully recognize that this long process has been a painful one for the B.A.P members, their parents, and the fans who have always been the main source of unwavering support to the group, and promise that we will make our earnest effort to create B.A.P’s bright future.

We highly thank the fans, who have patiently waited for B.A.P’s return, and those who have supported us with your unwavering trust. TS Entertainment will continue to create a better environment for all of our artists and focus on bringing better music to you all.

See…this is suspect. While the there are a couple of lines that does acknowledge the problem (aka them), but it is very vague and makes it seem like it was a personal problem. “Heartfelt efforts”, and “regaining trust” are very strange phrases to use in a case about not paying and overworking your employees.

It also doesn’t have a resolution to said problem. B.A.P. left for a reason, and yet nothing is stated. I don’t doubt that TS is probably are going to try to do better by B.A.P. (by court mandate), but the message that has been communicated in this statement makes it seem so shallow and some sort of tv drama that gets resolved and only brought back up for exposition and character development. Are they going to be paying them properly, will they work on amending their schedules? This is the biggest concern around this.

I think with the slow fall of Secret, and the less than stellar reception to Sonamoo (not that it has been bad, but the competition has been incredibly stiff)…TS probably had to cave in some way in order to not lose a major source of their income. On the opposite end, B.A.P. probably don’t have a lot of options, and continuing this on any further could/would have been an extreme toll on their resources.

Either way the results are what matters. B.A.P. will continue their careers with TS Entertainment, for better or worse.


Source: B.A.P. Official Facebook page


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