Sera earns the Bad Bitch Award with the BTS video of her album making

In just a year of her departure from Stardom, 9Muses, and what seems like K Pop in general, Sera has come into her own as an artist. She went from covers to her own songs in less than a year, has started getting creative in her music making ways, and is getting cool.

Now she is releasing her very first album, independent of any major/big company. And…she did a grassroot album.

She was involved in everything. From the creation of the music, the engineering, the design, she even did the fucking editing of her cards! Like…YES!!!!

It’s just that this is a major effort, and for her to put all of it into a physical release…shit…I would have died.

While I still think she could use some polishing in terms of engineering and resources, I got to say I am proud to see her grow. Unfortunately for me, the album is only a domestic release, meaning international fans will not get to see it, unless she decides to get a digital distributor as well (or a K Pop fan is merciful enough to put it online).




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