KuzzReviews: Got7 gets a stale with Just Right

Got7 are on track to becoming a big group. All they lack is a song that the public will fall in love with. After three tries last year, which coincidentally was also their debut year, nothing truly came of it. The pressure to be that group is big on this group just for that very reason. So this time around, there feels like a little extra pressure to do that.

Just Right is an easy listen, with otherwise okay songs, but nothing truly sticks and it becomes a burden to try to care about these songs.


Just Right truly failed me in terms of being an album. Like I listened to this and the further I got into the album, the more boring it became. Three songs in and you hear just how similar they are. So similar they they just blend in to each other, had I not taken the time to listen to them individually. By themselves, they are not bad (none of the songs are), but together they just seem to drag each other down. Just Right is a nice song by itself, it’s fun and light energy lends itself to the lax and positive lyrics. But to apply that same energy to Before The Full Moon and My Reaction (who also share a similar musical style, and tempo) doesn’t work.

Three songs in, and nothing memorable happens.

The second half of the album brings more variety musically, but not much. Nice finally picks up the speed, but once again, the songs seem to just lack anything I would remember. Nice just sounds like an uptempo version of the first three songs. The chorus is far too simple becoming forgettable. And then the talent on the song is just uninspired.

Mine is by far the most aggressive track, and is one of the more interesting songs. The first plus is that the chorus does kind of stick out, thanks to going through a genre shift from the more hip hop verses, to a high speed electric pop chorus. Still, I don’t care for the song. I never understood why songs like this happen. Like I don’t need to hear how ultra possessive you are. That’s neither romantic nor cute (though I doubt they are going for cute in this).

Back To Me ends the album on a much higher note than the rest of the album could ever deliver. Still the song feels far too breezy to get into. Nothing sticks.

I could not sit through Just Right and care. With only six songs making up the entire project, the middle of the album drags. Completely devoid of interest by the time Nice came on, the last three songs tried their best to pick up the mood, but failed. Nothing can return the feeling that Just Right gave me in the beginning. Back To Me is the closest to a pallet cleanser for this album, and even then the song falls short. What’s bad is that Just Right tries to recreate the entire feel of one song and apply it to a whole album. That doesn’t work, especially on songs that feel like they need to be on a different pace and even genre. Songs like Nice and Mine had the most energy to bring, but still felt like they were being contained musically.

Just Right is meant to be a sweet and positive experience that is smooth all throughout. Instead it comes off redundant, lagging, and completely bored of itself. To try and recreate the feeling of one song over the span of an album didn’t work, and sadly is a lesson in how uniformity can be a bad thing.



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