Teaser Post: Wonder Girls band era is upon us


In less than a week, the Wonder Girls will return after a two year hiatus. Needless to say I am excited!

So to celebrate here is a teaser post!

The first crop of teasers were the ladies with their instruments.

Sunmi on the bass.


Yubin on the drums

Hye Rim on the guitar

Yeeun on the piano/keys


Learning an instrument is intimidating. I play brass instruments, and I’m not terrible on the piano (not good, but not terrible). Strings however…scare me. I wanted to learn how to play the bass and violin as a child, but was too poor to afford the instrument, let alone the lessons. However in 6th grade, I enrolled into Concert band, and found a love for music. Not trying to brag, but I was one of the best in our small ass band.

Anyway the point I am making is that learning an instrument is hard. I spent my entire middle school and high school career in band. After a couple of years I thought I knew shit. Then came dynamics, and different scales, and syncopation, and shit. Like…I was thrown off. You are always going to be learning, and to see them playing like this…it got my Band Geek coming the fuck out to be honest. I love it!

It’s really cool seeing the Wonder Girls take this on. Do I believe they are masters on their instruments? Doubt it. Yeeun is the only one I know who has had extensive time behind her instrument, but I don’t think she played religiously. Even if they have been working on this for a while, and has a natural affinity for their instrument, it takes years to get to that point in my opinion.

On the front of promo, this was super effective. People in and out of the fandom are excited. Sunmi’s return and her teaser alone resulted in massive response. I think starting with that gave them the edge you can only dream of. This week they are going straight for the album teasers.

Starting with the album cover


I liked it…but it’s the Wonder Girls, so I am obligated to like it. No but really, when I found out that this was going to be basically an ode to the 80’s…it made sense. Like who makes album covers like this now?

Here is the album tracklist



The promo track was done by JYP, and has an 80’s feel. This…I think will work. JYP is a great writer, and has made some great tracks…the issue though, I find him to be musically dated. There is a reason why most of his bigger hits worked in the time, or were “retro”. And if that isn’t great, we got a teaser of what we are getting.

I don’t want to jump the gun, but I think this might be everything I could hope for in a song that is pretty much going to cosplay the 80’s. I’ve always had issues when songs basically try to recreate the past…but it’s the Wonder Girls, JYP sounds like he finally got it right again, and…it’s the Wonder Girls. I don’t give a fuck if this was them vomitting and praising Satan…I am a big enough fan that I would support it.

That’s is my reality.

I have a lot to say but it’s nothing you guys want to hear, and mostly about feminism. Anyway, let’s enjoy this moment!

The album Reboot, music video of I Feel You and showcase will be released/held on August 3rd. Be prepared for me to review everything.




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