GFriend come hard with Me Gustas Tu

Gfriend started off the year with a bang with their debut song Glass Bead. They rose in popularity, two of their members have gotten public recognition, and they made a cute song I didn’t hate. Now they are back, with Me Gustas Tu and they are actually coming hard.

The song starts off really cute. It sounds like it’s going to be generic and sweet. Then comes that guitar taking over, and suddenly the song just swoops in and teabags you in the face. That’s how this song feels.

You got teabagged by a cute song.

If the opening didn’t get me, then the chorus sure as fuck did. Not only is it catchy, but it’s…big. Like it sounds so full when listening to the song. We don’t hear big choruses from girl groups, especially not cute ones.  I was bopping along and doing a cute two step. There is nothing about this song that sounds like a let down. How do you manage to do a cute song with a fucking electric guitar shredding in the back? Who the fuck?


It’s like…I died and went to heaven. I’m getting everything I wanted.


The video is pretty standard. They are pretty girls, doing summer things, because who not? The video does it’s job. Whatever filter they used to make everything look ashy could have been kept, but hey it takes work off the fans in whitewashing them so… What does need to be noted is the fact that this choreography look like it would wind a mutha as soon as I would do a high step. They are killing it.

This will satisfy their fans, and honestly fits what we would expect from them. I don’t see them doing any sort of mature themes until 2017.

If I was not a fan of them before, this definitely pushed me in the right direction. Gfriend have really good momentum and will probably be leading at the End of the year awards. I do think like most groups who sit in the cute concept, they will eventually have to move away from that image (if only to make sure they don’t end up like IU during her scandal phase). But for now, we got to enjoy the fact that a cute group is coming hard in the paint while winking into the camera.



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