Sonamoo’s return with Cushion is okay

Out of all the 2015 debuts, Sonamoo kind of sit in the middle. Deja Vu wasn’t great…or really all that good. But it could have been worse. The issue for them is that there was several who came out the gate swinging much harder than they did, and they got washed out…quickly. With their first comeback ever, Sonamoo are hoping to rectify that…

I listen to this song and I can’t pinpoint why exactly I don’t like it, but I know there is a reason. Parts of the song reminds me of Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake (the opening verse and the chorus specifically). Seeing as this is their first comeback they have room to play around with their sound and image. Thankfully they stayed faithful to what they started with, and the song does sound different from what most girl groups are doing right now. But still…there is something about this that just doesn’t vibe well for me.

The video…well it exist. I don’t hate it, but it’s nothing for me to care about.


The biggest positive is that this group seems to be looking for a way to make their image work within the confines of K Pop, which hopefully means they are dedicated to pissing off Babyz. But I think Cushion, and Deja Vu treat the group as simple. Like they are one of the rare “hip hop” conceptual girl groups, yet musically they are being given light weight songs. If they were given a song that matched the intensity of their male counterparts, I might enjoy them more.

Cushion doesn’t do much to impress me, however I do find it better than their debut. Still maybe their talents are not being used  as well doing songs that are meant for the average group.


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