Stellar has achieved in making a video so uncomfortable to watch

Stellar are basically pushing for controversy because that’s keeping their names out there on the musical front.

I don’t really know what to say…so I’m going to use reactions images instead!








This entire video is constipated. Like there is so much going on, but the end result is so backed up. Nothing feels accomplished, and I am uncomfortable. Obviously the song and video are a heavy sexual innuendo. If it wasn’t obvious at first, when we hit the imagery for vaginal metaphors….can’t really deny it.

The people behind this video obviously wanted to be controversial. The dance, the styling, their looks into the camera. All of it was meant to invoke some righteous anger (on both conservatives and liberal sides) to garner attention. The problem with this thinking is that you have to continuously produce content that is up to this standard, leaving little growth and potential for the group. The group has been out for four fucking years and apparently have not made a dent. So I am guessing these last few efforts have been trying to get the group’s name out there, and Stellar just doing what they are told.

I couldn’t enjoy the song (which sounds really fucking good fyi), because the video was too much. If y’all wnat to do sexual, and be overt about it, go ahead, but there was a lot going on in this video and it just didn’t pan out well for me.

Sadly this comeback will probably do nothing for them. So a watermelon was wasted for nothing.



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