NC.A is back (yet again) with Vanilla SHake

I’ve got to handle it to whoever is running NC.A’s career. This is her third comeback this year, and things are getting progressively better musically.

So far…Cinderella Time> Love Shake>>>Coming Soon. Love Shake feels very standard. Like it was meant for a group (major emphasis on this), but given to her because no one wanted it. It’s okay by all means, but I that’s because I couldn’t find anything immediately wrong with it.

The video is trying to be overtly sexy in a cheeky way while staying in the confides of the cute concept. It’s fun enough, but eh…rather typical.

Overall, it’s another blip for NC.A. It’s not a bad song really, but it’s just not…great. Solo work seems to add a little extra pressure and I don’t think she handled the song well. The song sounds like it was meant for a group, and she was singing like the weakest link of said group. On top of that, I don’t think the song really had great potential in the first place, and at most would have just been an above average addition to this summer.

Eh well.



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