Crush’s Oasis appeals to my 2000’s aesthetics

I pretty much missed this comeback because…well…reasons. But… due to the fact that Crush may now be in hot water for plagiarism, I decided why not.

Oasis pretty much is an ode to the entire decade of 2000’s. The song itself sounds like something Diddy would have had a hand in (before like 2005). The only part of the song that just…stands out for all the wrong reasons is the turn into a trap song. The fact that Zico or whoever thought that was cute was just plain sad. It also feels really gimmicky. Like that shit is hot over here, but all the artist that are getting attention are knee deep in the genre.

Essentially Zico (or whatever higher power thought this was a good idea) is doing what Rihanna did with BBHMM (Or the Keith Ape dude for a more direct Korean comparison), and just profiting from something that is hot at that moment.

Lastly shouts to the short and sexy Zion T. for coming in and stealing the damn show even though he just sung a small portion of the chorus. Like…slay anyway?

Other than that, the song is pretty much what I wanted from Crush. For him to continue with a more modernized consumable R&B sound. Contemporary R&B seems to like…not exist in the mainstream Korean pop world. There is a lot of traditional R&B sounds, and throwbacks to various decades, subgenres, and aesthetics. However R&B from the 2000’s seems like such a foreign concept over there. And if it isn’t, it must be hidden and not getting play in the international fandom.

Oasis is perfect for the summer…even if it may have been lifted from somebody else.


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