Goo Hara stays in her lane in her solo debut

That’s really the only big thing to take away from her solo debut.

When going solo, you essentially need to offer something that makes you not look like you are wasting space. Musically Hara doesn’t seem like she was going to be…well that wasn’t going to be her focus (although I’ve heard she has some skills with instruments).

Choco Chip Cookie isn’t bad, and not even in a “It could be worse” kind of way. It’s very solid. It’s easy on the ears, flows well and she sounds nice. It’s very breezy and noncommittal. I don’t actually feel like I have to try when listening to Hara sing. The song is going where it has to go musically, and all the pieces that make it just make it easy to sit back and enjoy the ride.  That’s all you can really ask for in these kinds of situations.

The music video fits the song to a tea. They managed to find a guy that Hara has chemistry with and doesn’t look awkward when interacting. The color scheme is like most videos, overly saturated, but here Hara is not stuck in being cute. Instead she comes off sensual in her playfulness.

And that’s it. Will this be hitting any end of year list? Doubt it…you would have to have a pretty bad year for this to end anywhere. But…it’s still better than what has been happening. Choco Chip Cookie is the kind of track you need when you don’t want to listen to people try. As shady as that sounds, that’s what this boils down to. Goo Hara gave a very relaxing and fun track. Like it feels almost effortless.

And that’s a good thing.



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