Got7 does a good job with Just Right

Last year Got7 made their debut, and after three tries, the hit song was still out of their grasp. Regardless the songs were not bad, and in the meantime they accumulated a decent/dedicated fanbase while making a new variety star out of Jackson. Couple that with Jr.’s praise in acting, and BamBam doing some MCing, and you got a group on the right track. Once again, it’s all about that song.

So here is the latest attempt.

Do I see this as a hit? Not really. For starters they released this song in the midst of a K Pop comeback marathon. Between Big Bang, Sistar, AoA SNSD and soon to be back Infinite, as well as B2st…there is a lot going on. While Got7 are lucky to have Jackson’s name…that will not be enough to get them out there. Couple that with the fact that this song is almost too breezy…I don’t see a hit happening.

If it does, I will gladly eat my words because this is a fun track. It’s very upbeat and positive, but chill at the same time. I like that. I do think the song has no aim or climax. It just kinds of goes along with an almost too perfect consistency. The song doesn’ excite, but it is catchy in its own way. Just Right isn’t really going anywhere, but the ride is too good to really notice.


The music video is definitely enjoyable. Instead of them flirty with a girl their age (like they have done in the rest of their videos), they play up the cheerful aspects of the song. They are goofy and fun. A lot of cuteness is going on, and it works. This will definitely get a lot of the younger fans on their side. I actually find this video to be their best right beside A (which is an underrated gem).




Overall this isn’t bad. I doubt we are going to get major traction (especially with all their competition), but this is nice. It’s definitely a breezy alternative to the horn driven, pop summer tracks we have been given.

Got7’s Just Right is out now, so go listen, and come back for the album review.


Source: JYPEntertainment


One thought on “Got7 does a good job with Just Right

  1. Alexa July 13, 2015 / 1:32 am

    I agree – “A” is totally underrated!!!

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