SIXTEEN ends and TWICE is born

So JYP’s new girl group has been created, after ten episodes (two months and a couple of weeks), a butt load of content, fan angst, and pointless eliminations, we finally get a group.

For the line up and final thoughts…under the break!

So the way they “created” the group was by recreating one of the earlier switch arounds. A member from the Minors would take the place from some one in the Majors.

So here are the girls that made it from that cut

Nayeon (took Natty’s place)

Jungyeon (Took Somi’s place)

Dahyun (took Minyoung’s place)

Everyone else stayed in their major spots: Jihyo, Chaeyong, Sana, Mina

After that JYP said there will be no more switches, but there will be two more additions.

From the minors we got Tzuyu

And then the plot twist that many saw coming: MoMo.

So the final line up:

Nayeon, Jungyeon, Tzuyu, Dahyun, Jihyo, MoMo, Chaeyoung, Sana and Mina.

MoMo was supposed to be a twist, but she wasn’t. I can’t think of a reason for her not to be in the group. I may not care for her, but she is talented enough, people liked her, and to be honest she is more prepared than some of the girls (Tzuyu, Mina and Dahyun)

The only one that I was  pulling for was Chaeryeong. I knew most of them were making it so I had no fears for many of them. Chae though…it was kind of sad to watch her be the only Minor to not crossover in that final moment. Especially since she has done nothing but kill it throughout the competition.

As for the final line up. I’m digging it. They will be my first group with a lot of members, but thankfully I know all their names.


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