Some SPICA appreciation






SPICA have been trying hard to break through the pop barrier since 2012. They have switched it up, song various topics, and even gotten assistance from K Pop royalty Lee Hyori. Yet in these last three years, they are more or less still at the same level that they started out as. To ignore the negativity though (which isn’t hard to create because frankly any analysis of this group will end with blame being placed on someone), this is a post celebrating their musical contributions. I may not be a dedicated fan of SPICA, but I do think they have quite a few decent releases. So I just want to look at their singles and talk about them.


Russian Roulette

This along with Painkiller are probably two massively worshiped tracks from the group. I think the song comes off a little like a subtle MJ dance track. Not the cliche Michael sound we hear often, but this does give me some kind of Bad era vibes. This was a really great debut in my opinion. RR set them apart from their contemporaries which was a good thing. It’s rare to see girl groups do something dark aggressive and did not have the greatest focus on their dance. For a girl group that is risky. To not have a catchy song that demonstrates submission, and a cute yet exploitative dance. SPICA did set a lane for themselves. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough it seemed.


Bringing you the sounds of 2008 R&B in the year of 2012. That’s a general K Pop thing when it comes to music, but it works there. Anyway, everything about this is so 2008. The song itself, the dance moves, the setting of the video. Like…it’s such a throwback (almost to the point of being tacky). SPICA is dressed like various stages of 2ne1 and I don’t necessarily hate it. As a follow up to RR, it really kind of took a small detour from what the established not even a month ago.


There are two things I want to bring up. First this was a drastic change from what they began with. Second this could have been a hit for them. With the first point, this was way off from Russian Roulette, and very much in line with what we normally get from female idol groups. I think B2M saw that they had to make a change. It was apparent that they were trying to conform. But to what? The imagery that we see in this video now, didn’t became more popular until the next year. So somehow, SPICA were ahead of the game, but too far ahead that their contribution really meant nothing. In all honesty, this could have been a hit…if they had waited a year.


2013 was the year I saw things turning around for the vocal group. After an extended break, they came back with the assistance of Lee Hyori and Tonight. Nobody, not even God and his son, could tell me that this isn’t SPICA’s best song period. I loved Tonight. I don’t want to say it’s revolutionary, because you can find this song and video on MTV, especially during that year. But that is the fun part, B2M/Lee Hyori gave SPICA western appeal. Their entire image, their performances, the song, the video, all of it felt right at that very moment. Of course it didn’t become a viral success of anything, but it did give them some traction, and they were starting to work a little more, which was important. Get an inch and run with it.

You Don’t Love Me

This may not have been the song that I wanted as a follow up, but it definitely was nice. I have never been a fan of the entire retro vibe that K Pop has. The main problem is that they take it too literally and try to recreate the music. Instead of taking inspiration or doing some deconstruction of the 50’s rock, we get straight up sounds of Chuck Berry and Fats Domino with the over the top qualities that K Pop loves to bring musically. YDLM falls right under that, and while I was hesitant, I ended up liking it. There is something absolutely snarky about it. This was the same feeling I would get in Mamamoo’s track AHH OOP! Yes it was dedicated to the sound, but there was something flippant and fun about these songs. Plus the video kept with their sensual lowkey art hoe aesthetic.


Give Your Love (Spica.S)

This is such a copy and paste Brave Brothers song. You can actually hear parts of other songs in the melody. I picked up on tidbits of Alone and One Way Love. There is only one reason to go to Brave Brothers at this point, and that is if you are looking for an instant hit. Especially considering that ole dude was responsible for making AoA happen last year…shit there is nothing to lose by trying. Sadly this was damn near unanimously hated by the fandom…but it holds a special place in my heart. SPICA do nothing on this song that hasn’t been done on any BB song, but they sound good, and I rarely dislike a BB production (no matter how obviously copy and pasted together it is).



So those are the songs I like from them…at least promotional wise. I have not listened to a single album by them and I really don’t plan to. I could dedicate a portion of this post contemplating why SPICA are where they are right now, but that seems superfluous. The fact is, SPICA could be more, but they aren’t and while there is a chance they could find success soon, it just doesn’t seem as likely as one would hope.

So I am going to end this post with positive. Here is SPICA performing one of the gayest songs to ever be sung by straight women.


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