A little appreciation for Baek Ah Yeon and her surprise hit


JYP’s ability to promote this song, a post about Baek Ah Yeon’s hit song …Shouldn’t Have is far too late. But it is here. So let’s appreciate the song that got her name out there without the help of her company.

The song is cute. It’s not bad. In the realm of pop music this would be VH1 instead of MTV, which for a lot of K Pop fans means something not worth fussing over. Still it really isn’t a bad song. There is some excitement in it, in it’s made for Starbuck’s musical vibe. The chorus doesn’t lag or anything, it actually kinds of perks up which I really liked. There wasn’t anything stagnant about it. Would I call this a pop masterpiece? No. But it has it’s charm and does well in its own lane.

I really do like that first verse alone. The song itself is nice and typical. It seems like when you let a singer behind the pen they either do way too much or way too little. BAY falls somewhere in the middle, with leans to way too little. Instead of doing a pop song, she went that indie-pop singer-songwriter route, with a song that is full of strumming, and good vibes feel. It works for her. She isn’t an idol necessarily, and her image has been more innocent but not in the idol sense of it. Ah Yeon looks like the type to go to a cafe to sing on talent night. So the song is a nice reflection of what her image is.

The video gets no comment. Creative little lyric video that is cute…but…no.

Despite all that I say, the song is very simple and released during several much bigger releases (SHINee, Exo, Big Bang were all fighting at the moment). Couple that with the fact that JYP didn’t really do much to put her out there in terms of promotion…and you basically got a song that should have just faded into obscurity. And it did…for like maybe a week or so. Then the song started rising, and word of mouth got the song out there.

Word of mouth led to it rising on the charts, even all the way up to the #1 spot. Mind you, Big Bang and Exo were still in a heated battle.

I am surprised that this happened. It’s not really unusual for someone to just shoot up long after their initial release. Exid was the most recent example of this. And ...Shouldn’t Have isn’t exactly some unorthodox musically complex K Pop song. It fits in with most of the other made for Starbucks tracks such as Some and whatever Akdong releases (with a slightly more pop focused sound). Shouldn’t Have ticks all the boxes, but I just didn’t see it coming for this song, in the specific time frame that it had happened.

I will say that I am sad that BAY only got two weeks to promote the song, and didn’t get to win on tv (she came in #1 during the half-year special, but they didn’t televise the win), and I don’t see JYP taking proper advantage of the traction behind her (especially with how much they are riding on Got7 and the upcoming girl group).

But this is a win for her. Hopefully her next comeback won’t take too long and people will still remember that she came out this track.





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