Minx cover Dal Shabet song and call it a comeback

So I have been waiting for Minx to make a comeback since Laboum did earlier in the year. Well my wish was granted. What we get is a very upbeat, sugary pop driven tune, that was found in the depths of Dal Shalbet’s discography.


Here is MINX’s version

I actually like it. I do think the overly cute voice thing can/will get annoying. But it works for the song. The song doesn’t slow down which is cool for the summer. I really like the part near the final chorus where the beat changes and builds for the final chorus. That was cool. Overall I like it. I don’t see it going high, but it does remind people that this group exist. I kind of hope this isn’t the sound they are going to pursue. I don’t mind the music, as much as the overly childlike voices. I’d rather not.

The video is not worth discussing period.

Alright time to revisit the past and listen to Dal Shabet’s original version

As you can hear they are mostly the same. The biggest difference is that there seems to be some production changes. Dal Shabet’s has some sounds that are noticeable and give off a more fluttering pop sound. MINX use more electronic based elements, and lose some of the background elements. Also Dal Shabet have a music breakdown that was probably meant to be a dance break (if ever performed). It is more club ready and kind of hot. MINX just drop that part altogether. Other than that, and a rap section…looking at the same song.

Once again I don’t see MINX going places with Love Shake. It’s cute, and lively, and they do it justice live. But…it was kind of a bad time for them to come back. However if they do manage to gain some traction with Love Shake, God bless the soul of whoever thought of that because all five of Dal Shabet’s fans will be coming for them.


Sources: Happyface Entertainment, Mr. Penguin


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