KuzzReviews: Sistar refuse to shake the status quo with Shake It


Sistar’s latest comeback is pretty much a success. Shake It has stormed the charts, gotten that All Kill, is starting to win awards, and sitting at #2 on the charts under the K Pop titans that is Big Bang. So…all in all, they are doing pretty well for themselves. And with yet another EP, last year I felt a little meh about Touch My Body and the ep that accompanied it. This year, I was hoping for something different.

Sadly that was not happening soon.

Shake It does what it is expected to do and act as a a fun pop ep. With only five songs, there is not a lot of space to expound musically, so the songs just come and do what they have to do and go on. I am one for cohesive music, but Shake It makes it impossible to look for even that. The songs just sound like five offerings that were put together.

Shake It starts the album off, sadly we don’t get one of Sistar’s intro songs. We get straight to the point, which is to have fun. Now when I sit here and actually think about the song, I can just poke so many holes in the song. The song is kind of lazy. It’s redundant for a group like Sistar. It is nothing creative on their summer bop sound. It is nothing exciting. The chorus is even boring. The beat is typical of them. However when I turn off all that, and just randomly listen to the song, I get caught in the spell of Shake It. It is very Sistar, and it should bother me how willing I am to like this. The song is simple fun. Like there isn’t much to think about because the song is really nothing but an aimless attempt to be fun. I hate it and love it at the same time.

The next song is Don’t Be Such A Child, an R&B-flavored track that sounds like one of Double Sidekicks attempts at besting Brave Brothers at his own game. Slightly sexy, flirty, and very light, the song is nice. The track features Giriboy who did his job well. Even with him on the track, Bora is given a portion to rap as well, and it was cute. Usually they relieve her of her duties when they get a guest rapper on the track. Thankfully this doesn’t happen here.

Good Time is admittedly my favorite off this album. It doesn’t sound like a typical Sistar song. It’s a lot more upbeat, faster, has this sound that I haven’t heard from them (and if they have done it before, it must be sparingly). It still fits their fun in the sun type feel, but Good Times comes off as a different take to their usual results.

Bad Guy features Mad Clown and sounds just like it. Listen to a SistarxMad Clown collaboration and tell me this does not fall in line with what they usually create together. The song is just a tad bit slower. Getting past that, the song wants to invoke this idea of sadness and seriousness, but the song doesn’t have edge at all. It kind of drags, and the only reason I don’t dislike it is because Hyorin sounds great. Plus Bora once again gets a part on a song that features an outside rapper. It’s at the end of the song and feels out of focus, but it does exist! She exist.

Go Up is the final song. Don’t hate it, I just don’t find it to be a great ending song. The only thing I really like about this song is the oohing at the beginning and at certain parts of the song. It reminds me of like an 80’s ballad fest or something, with how it was done. Kind of wish they went down that route more than an electropop song. As a final song though, it does nothing for me. It doesn’t really have a great climax. It just kind of goes on until it just stops.


No one can deny that Sistar’s take on the summer anthem is effective. It has given them hits and their names are practically synonymous with summer now. In terms of delivery, Sistar are good at what they do. But the problem is, they have gotten too good. Too good to the point where it doesn’t excite me. I thought Touch And Move was a bit breezy, but Shake It trumps it as being something close to nothing more than a mere blip. Nothing grand, exciting or dynamic happens. The music stays on the same wavelength the entire way through, even the non-pop songs. Of course that doesn’t mean the music is bad. On the contrary, the music is fun, and by nature catchy. I could listen to this album without actually having a problem. Sistar has perfected the summer music. But at the same time, they created something only meant to be consumed for the summer (a relatively short period of time). I don’t see myself really taking this album out and wanting to listen to it. It will just happen when it happens.


Shake It is short, fun and disposable, which is fine. But for a group like Sistar, it may be time to move on from the summer hits and deliver something with a little more impact.


Sources: 2sec.milk, Skpb K-Music Live


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